Hi guys! How are you doing today ? I hope you are all doing well and today I want to share with you some products I will for sure keep on using in 2021.

The concept and the idea behind this blogpost is to create a little bundle of makeup products that I have loved so much in the past year and still ,I know will work perfectly well with my new wishlist of products I want to buy and try.

For me is very important to not buy without any kind of thoughtful mental process ,whether it is a bout the environment and the consumerism aspect of what I buy or just the reason why I want to try something. It’s nice and exciting to try new things and play with them ,at least for me (especially the creative aspect of it ) but I always try to replace something if I have finished a previous similar product, the classic one in one out philosophy .Very important to me is to apply the same concept of “would I actually use this ?” that I apply to my closet organization . I know by now what I like to wear and what I like to look like, what I like to try and what would actually work well with what I already own ,to the base products will have to fit very well with what is in my current makeup collection and so on.

I needed to made this little introduction because it is really a close to my heart dialog that is important for me to make with you.

Said that ,It can be a little redundant I get it, but I think about these products as multitasking and bendable with any kind of products. If a product is well made and well formulated it will for sure work well with any other item ,but to me is not only about the formulas and the texture ,but also about the concept. Explaining these products will explain in a much more clear way what my mental process was.


The first gem I will for sure bring with me in my daily makeup bag is my beloved Charlotte Tilbury Hollywood flawless filter and the reason I love this product so much is the fact that is so versatile and unique. It the perfect hybrid between a glowing primer and the most amazing and flawless bb cream or light foundation . The high dose of luminosity that’s in it, allows you to create the most effortless and timeless flawless and soft focused effect ,giving the skin a youth filter erasing all the lines and wrinkles. The formula ,being so light and easy to blend works wonderfully with cream based and powder products ,applied with hands ,brushes and sponges. It is ,to me ,a product that will be in my makeup bag and I will repurchased again and again ,the perfect mix of a nice light base for the no makeup makeup days ,the most natural highlighter on the highest points of my face and the perfect base for any kind of foundation on top. It is right now ,a unique product to me and that’s why I loved it all year and still will love next year.



The second item I will for sure bring on in 2021 is my favorite lip product of the year . I am talking about the Patrik Ta precision lip crayon .The formula is creamy ,right at the perfect spot in between a buttery consistency but not too much . Some lipliner don’t allow you to create a fine and precise line ,this one don’t and to me what it makes it so special is all about the packaging. To me that is revolutionary because the bullet tip is half shaped in an oval shape . The tip of the packaging holds gently the lipliner and hugs it ,the crayon lays in it in the most secure and easy to use way. It can be an overlook side of a product ,but these little things ,details and features are those who makes the difference on the long run.




The next product is by far one pf my favorite bronzer I have ever use and in this case ,is all about the formula.I am talking about the “new” Nars bronzer in the shade Paradise found. It belongs to a new line that they brought out in the spring 2020 and I was immediately fascinated by the packaging first of all ,and the concept. I love when a brand launches few products in a more monochromatic and cohesive way. Less is always more. This products ,as I have already said a million times, has the perfect formula : the texture is easy to use and to blend like a creamy base product , with the effortless effect of a powder product. The creaminess of its formula leaves a soft tint on the skin in the most natural way , creating a soft blurred and flawless effect . The powder is finely milled and has the softest feel to the touch, the way it blends and lays on the skin creates the most amazing sun kissed look with zero effort. Not to mention the perfect undertone , the perfect neutral base ,not too warm not too cold ,a less terra-cotta shade with a strong yellow base that can create the perfect tan look even in the colder months.



Those were the products I will for sure bring on in the new year and surely can’t wait to use with the new in purchases .

Let me know guys what you think and if you would consider doing a process like this and what would you choose.

I will see you soon folks!

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