Hi guys, how are you doing today?

I hope you are doing great mentally and emotionally. Feeling like better times are ahead finally, definetly makes me feel so much better and positive. On a more light note, I have created a little series of blog posts about things I want to buy and things I want to keep and keep on using and loving in this new year.

Today I want to share with you a few items I want to invest in in 2021.

The first and probably my first choice of the year, is a good black leather belt. I have purchased my Prada one from vestiere in October and used it so many times. I love it so much and definitely keep on using but having that item made me realize how an accessory can change an entire look. And unfortunately I don’t use simple accessories like it enough. So the first thing I want to invest in, is a simple black leather belt in the vintage or second hand market. I have my eyes on an Alexander McQueen one not gonna lie, and right now is at the top of the list.




The second item is much more a brand I want to tip my toe in rather than an item. I am talking about the so famous Realisation par dresses. I have always seen their dresses on so many beautiful women and their something about their shape, their ethical fashion ethic and their style that make them stand out from so many summer dresses. The silk material and the way they dress is just so timeless and cool. This summer,if we will ever be able to go out, I definitely want to try one of their pieces.


The last item I definitely want to invest in, is a pair of good old loafers. And what brand there is better than Chruch? I don’t know any better than that. Church is the most classic, masculine brand that create from years and years classic leather loafers and don’t get me wrong I love my Dr Martens mono, I spoke about them so much. But this loafers are way more thin, classic and light. A more tailored approach to the classic black man shoes. I love them so much and I think in the more warmer season, I would never take them off.



Right now these are my investments items for 2021 and we will see if I will be able to get them and enjoy them or not.

Let me know what you think guys and if have tried anything similar.

I will see you soon folks!

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