Hi guys, how are you doing today? I hope you are doing great mentally and emotionally and today I want to share with you a little blogpost about some makeup products I want to try in 2021. Kind of a wish list of products I would love to buy in the next months.

They are definitely not new items by any means, these are just products I have been keeping in mind in the past few months and by using what I already have and seeing how it changes the way I do my makeup and my taste, I like to make a list of things that would suit me better. So here we go.

The firs item is one of those classic and timeless products that we will forever see and will probably never be out. I am talking about the Chanel les beiges crème ensoleillée, a creme base product to give the complexion a tan look in the natural and soft way possible. I have always loved the concept of a cream bronzer, especially in a mousee to gel texture is something that really intrigue me and this year I would love to try this one, hoping that they will add some shades to their range.

To go with this product , since I am a bronzer and highliter fanatic, I would also love to try their complexion luminous base, the classic glowing primer that can be used as a base and as a primer, depending on what level of coverage we want to achieve.

Chanel base products have always intrigued me and they really do their marketing well, selling us the concept of the classic no makeup makeup luminous and effortless base.



Another classic product I want to try for so many years now, is the so famous hourglasscosmetics ambient lightning palette. A palette full of amazing powders for cheeks, cheekbones and for the undereye aerea. Basically and all in one product to blush, bronze and set. I have tried my first ever hourglasscosmetics products last year and they have quickly become some of my favorites base products ever. So I would love to try their powders formulas whobare loved and purchased by so many beauty guru I follow and love.


This product I think as become so famous thanks to the one and only Katie Jane Hughes. She spoke about it and used it so much in her makeup looks, and has quickly become and holy grail item for so many people. It is basically a skincare products that can be use also as a luminous primer. A thick and glowing cream based product that gives you the perfect glass looking base. If you know me and know my obsession with anything luminous, you would be surprised as me I haven’t tried it yet.


The next products are a combo I have heard talking about by Allana Davison, one of my favorite YouTube guru. In one of her recent videos, she tried these items on and I was really amazed at how well they act and perform on her skin. Shiseido is a brand I have always wanted to try and the all Japanese makeup world speaks to me on an other level. I think they really do their base well and have so much technology in their laboratories. I can’t wait to try these combo of concealer and foundation.




Patmcgrath has quickly become the goddess of makeup the last couple of years. Her palettes are truly a work of art and although I would love to collect them all, I am so intrigue in her face powder. As you guys know, I have never use and don’t even own a face powder. Scared of having a cakey effect or a dry effect on my face I have always stayed away from them. But the time has definitely come for me to try some powders since I have seen so many people with my same fear finding few powers they like. So for me the first step is gonna be the ferrari of the makeup world. Can t wait to see how it performs on my face.


Last item, is again something that is on the market for so many years and gave never tried. I have never been into the all countur face and since I am a lazy ass persone when it comes to makeup I always thought about is as product that I would have never use and never see me using. But I guess the kilograms I have put on since quarantine started and becoming 30 years old, has made me change my mind about it and wanted to try something new like this so of course the item of the item I would go to is the so famous sculpture powder by Kevin acuin.


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