AKA :Wearing something that is not a tracksuit to make you feel a little bit more festive (still wearing pigiamas btw )

The piece de resistance of these ootds is this amazing faux leather skirt from Zara which I would highly recommend. I saw a similar one on one of my best friends and decided after months and months to try it. I love the shape, the simplicity of the cut, the middle split which makes the skirt less a block of material, more light and more comfortable. Unfortunately I decided to take it back because I feel like on me it wasn’t so flattering because I am a little bit too short, but decided to show you nonetheless because I absolutely loved it. Definitely will try something similar.


In this photo I pair it with this sleeveless gilet, also from Zara. I like the opposite vibe they have, a more masculine fit piece, something my dad would wear with a more statement piece with a feminine touch.

I also pair it with a similar gilet but decided to go with a color contrast scheme in this case, so black and white it is.

I love how low key the gilet is, the hood makes really the difference of a more fun and funky outfit while keeping it warm and comfortable. I really loved keep the skirt do all the talking in this cases and pair it down with a more masculine pieces.

I really felt like Kenny wearing it, as you can see.

I hope you guys love this little post and I will see you soon folks!

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