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Hi guys ,how are you doing today ? 

I hope you are all doing great and have had a nice Christmas Day with your family or on your own, either way I wanted to share with you today this amazing palette from Natasha Denona. 

This is a brand I have never tried before ,but I have dreaming of trying her palette for months and months by now and the time has finally come.

The thing that drove me the most towards this brand is how original ,direct and unique their color stories are, how inclusive their shades are and how futuristic it always looks.



The palette I choose is the Triochrome palette ,a triumph of greens and golds with a purple twist .

Even tho green and purple can be easily replicate and definitely has already been seen ,this color story goes beyond the nature of these colors and push them towards their limits: duo chrome green that turns into an antique gold and give a completely different shift and every glimpse of light. 


A tridimensional purple with black and gold  lays to rest and ready to explode next the most buttery matte shades .

Mattes has never been more smooth ,the fingertips are touched by cashmere when swatching them, revealing a  strong corpus that blend like a cream.


Their story has a new face every time you look at this palette : a new match is born to an infinite and totally unexpected love story.


The packaging is secure and sturdy, giving you safety vibes .




Scarab is my favorite shade and something you have never ever seen before ,a true neon duo-chrome green ,a true Egyptian dream.


That’s it for today guys ,and I will see you soon folks!


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