Hi guys ! How are you doing today ? I hope you are all doing well ,mentally and physically . Today I want to do a little round up with you of the cream de la cream of this crazy crazy year. A 2020 beauty and lifestyle favorites really sounds like an oxymoron ,but nonetheless I have found myself really enjoying particular pieces and at the end of the day this is a place for something different and to take our mind away for ten minutes a day. So here we go.





THE BASE : Staying indoor for the majority of the time wearing a mask has definitely trick my skin balance and hydration barrier and that leads to not wearing a lots of makeup at all . So having some actual base products is a miracle in itself . The concealer of choice is my beloved Bendy avocado concealer : a light and super hydrating one . Easy to blend and ultra light in texture it has been my favorites base product ever, so easy to use I sometimes just use it alone. Highly recommend it ,of course.


In terms of overall base my beloved Tata Harper serum diamond has definitely been my number one ,again for the same reasons : the super light texture and the skincare property of it ,makes it the perfect hybrid of flawless and glowing complexion ,with the benefit of a good hydrating layer ,that doesn’t clog your pores but it leave your skin breath and still shine trough. I am definitely gonna repurchased this gem. https://www.tataharperskincare.com/illuminating-moisturizer-50ml

– Bronzer is an extremely important category for me ,it is a crucial element in my everyday makeup routine so talking about this bronzer in particular definitely show you how amazing it is . My favorite of the year has been my Nars Paradise Found . I have spoke about it so much during this year here on my blog that I have no words left to spread about it ,but it is the most creamy ,buttery and flawless bronzer I have ever tried so far. The undertone is the perfect all around neutral, not too warm not too cool and the way it blend reminds me of a cream product with the easy access of a powder. A dream.


Talking about blush ,although I am currently obsessed with some sparkly red toned ones for the winter and Christmas season ,I definitely use this Adore me duo from Jouer to death. It is a duo with a very nude toned shade on one side and a more pinky toned on the other . Together they create the perfect compact everyday combo. The most amazing thing about this product is how the nude toned shade, allows you to create a more structured and defined cheek look, something that with the most subtle and understood touch can change your look. I love product like this that you look at them and think “well this doesn’t seem nothing special to me ” ,but once you apply them on you face ,they really work their magic.


For highlighter I decided to choose my Nudestix cream one in the shade illuminaughty because it was a products that really has grown on me. At first o really couldn’t get my head around it, I find it really good in photos but so impractical . Once I understood how to use it ,and the key here is by applying small and thin layers of product on the highest points, it immediately click in and it is something I always reach for.


EYES: This was so easy for me to choose because this is my all time favorite palette that has ever existed and even though I bought it so long ago ,I still feel excited to use it every time I grab it . It is so original ,so unique and something has no comparison on the market so far. The Anastasia beverly hill feat. Jackie Aina palette is my gem. The story is so unique and modern to me, some shades are the most basic of the spectrum but with a originals and out there twist that makes it so avant guard to me . It is definitely something that has signed the time, a launch that for me will forever be something I will come back to and use as a term of comparison to any other eyeshadow palette I will ever bought ,and that to me say something really important . That when you know you have done a fucking good job.


I have tried so many good mascaras this year I must say ,so it was kind of difficult to decide one but at the end I choose my Marc Jacob velvet noir because it has the volume and lengthening definition I search in every other mascara . I must say ,it is the classic mascara you want to give it some times to dry up a little bit and once it has been in contact with some air ,that’s when it really works its magic.


BROWS : As you guys already know I am super lazy when it comes to brows stuff (and makeup in general )so I don’t really have a huge quantities of products to choose from but I still love this Urban Decay brow pencil for two reasons: first being the full color payoff and second the vast range of colors that it provides. It is double ended with a pencil on one end and a brush on the other ,helping create a more soft or a more dramatic look whenever you decide which one to use more.


LIPS : Huda beauty has won in terms of lipstick category this year for me . I discover them last year and then decide to buy a few mew shades but I absolutely love them so much and have yet to find a new formula that beat them. I have spoke about them so much on my blog but I love their creamy texture with a full color payoff and easy to use factor and wearability. I would recommend them so much to everyone I know. https://hudabeauty.com/us/en_US/lipstick

Nars lip oil in the shade laguna has been a wonderful discovery for me and alt ought I thought that I would never wear such a sparkly bronzed lipgloss in the winter time I still love to wear it everyday ,on its own or over any kind of nude lipsticks. It is subtle but still nursing your lips and gives you a juicy and rich effect. I love this products so much and I absolutely will repurchased it.






 In the skincare category I have only one discovery that really blows my mind but it is truly one of the best skincare products I think I have ever tried. I am talking about my “day time “eye cream from the one and only Sunday Riley ,one of the best skincare brand out-there. This cream is the perfect ,at least for me, day time eye cream because of its light texture and blend ability factor. It absorbs in the skin super quickly and immediately due to its own sparkling particles a brighter effect. The caffein and the other “waking up “ingredients do the rest. I have finished it up recently and I am already buying another one cause right now it is the best I have ever tried, the one product where you see immediate results the next day. A truly gem.


I have spoken about this product recently in my last monthly favorites but it has definitely been an all year around one ,my lip balm of choice ,the Dr. lipp lip balm. It is all vegan and organic ,it is perfect for sensitive skin and it applies like a thick layer of protection for your lips to every kind of enemy :the cold the wind and the pollution. I love it so much. nipple balmhttps://www.lookfantastic.it/dr.lipp-s-original-nipple-balm-for-lips/10804751.html





 I discover this product on a win and madly fallen in love with it. In particular I love the red coppery shade ,and the caramel blonde one. Since I have decided to not plea h my hair foe the entire year ,but I still want some sort of reddish blonde thing going on , I decided to turn more towards the red range . I must say ,my version of reddish hair girl is really something I want to discover and rock more and more since I naturally am a reddish blonde head. I love how gentle these products are on my hair ,how it wash out nicely and coherently without leaving strange strings of colors on your hair. It is a vegan and organic brand and I would highly recommend if you want a subtle change ,nothing dramatic ,but a slightly change. https://www.my-haircare.com/product/infuse-colour-copper/

Another favorite of my is my beloved kerastase mask . I have recently spoke about it in my latest hair masks blogpost so I am not gonna talk a lot about it , but I have already repurchased this mask so many times even though it is a little bit pricey . It is a miracle worker to me and I love using it a luxury treatment ,once every two weeks or so. To me is something I will continue to repurchased and used combined with my olaplaex number 3 ,has really helped my hair stay healthy as much as possible.







 To keep my body smooth and soft since I all over dry as fuck I must say I absolutely loved the body butter from anatomicals. First of all the texture and the smell are two really well done factored combined together that give you a luxurious experience with the price of a drugstore product. To me that’s a totally win win situation since I have such dry skin I have to force myself to moisturize every day. I also love so much the fact that their are thick and really buttery but they absorb into the skin really quickly so you don’t have to wait in the cold winter to put on your clothes. I bought so many of these jar I cannot remember which I love the most but I probably would say the coconut one, I a sucher for it. Highly recommend them.


HANDS: I want to give a quick little shout out to my favorite nails lacquer by kilo. I am a simple girl red nails all over the year and I only bought one color and that’s it. So this product to me is not an essential but finding a good quality product for a drugstore price is amazing.







A wonderful discovery of the year has been The sculpt society. Training and sweating via fitness in general to me is a necessity, a stability factor for me mental health. Something I literally force myself to do every day or at least 6 times a week but as you can imagine, things can become quickly boring and repetitive, that’s why I need to switch things up a lot. So although I love running so much, going eveday for a few weeks is very changeling and also it kind of breaks my knees a little but because I am officially old. So finding the sculpt society has helped me so much feeling excited to actually work out, to working out to something new and feeling good to be strong and have stamina. Megan, the instructor is an amazing woman, so down to heart and so beautiful and encouraging. She’s wonderful and I for sure keep my subscription for next year! HIGLYRECOMMENDED

Journaling : Another habit I tried to develop trough the year has been journaling. To me the most important aspect of it is to see this action as a way to pull out thoughts that are stuck to my mind. I am a very sceptic person, I am very good at self sabotaging and I don’t really know how to trust anyone, so those three things combined together can quickly lead me to a very dark place and although therapy has been helping me find a solution to that, when I have those moments and those days, the physical act of writing things down and forcing myself to let them go, has helped me on the long term so much. I am not gonna lie, it is difficult for me to keep track and doing it every day, but I really try to do it as much as I can. Once I get the habit and I feel connected, I find my thoughts just pouring out and it feels so good.

STYLE: A quick mention,becuase I am gonna do a full in detail blogpost about my favorites items of the year ) goes to my best purchase of the year, my Burberry trench from Vestiairecollective. It is something I always wanted to have and to style up and finding it such a great color and condition, it was an absolute bargain. Such a statement piece you will own forever.

Those were my favorite of this crazy ass year, what were yours?

Let me know and I will see you soon folks!

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  1. I miss applying a full face make up. I only use concealer, powder, brows(can’t go out without them) and mascara. Even my eyeshadow palettes are little bit set aside too. I hope this year I’ll be more inspired to wear more make up again. (Fingers crossed)

    1. I totally agree with you! I hope we will get trough this together and be able to enjoy life even more even in the little things like makeup too ❤️

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