Hi guys, how are you doing today ?hope you are doing great and are spending the holidays in the best way possible .

Today I want to share with you something different than the usual topics ,my favorites book. Well some of my favorites.

Since we are spending more time at home ,a book can be a nice distraction ,what a bold statement ,really something new and never heard before . Anyway ,here are some of my favorites that I would recommend to you.


Lolita is my all time favorite book and I would recommend it if you like me, love a more poetic way of writing , a sultry and romantic ,a sensual and sensitive experience . The way Nabokov write is something I still to these days have something to compare to. If you want a full immersive experience ,a deep dive ,a four sense experience ,this book and Nabokov in general is the way to go. The mistake of making it too stilted or pompous is around the corner but he never gets any closer. Reading nabokov is a sensory experience that not everyone is able to appreciate but if you let yourself be carried away by his words and their weight, you will not be disappointed and you will come out as a new person.



This book has a completely different touch than the first one ,but has the same effect on me. Kincaid is not a pompous writer ,she is not a baroque stylist type of writer ,but her words punch you in the stomach and from time to time force you to burst in joy or cry gallons of tears. This novel talks in a very truthful and non filtered way about the life of the protagonist and follow her day by day. his words are genuine, without filters and expecting you by the hand they accompany you in the life, day by day of the protagonist, facing the pains and joys. Bold, out of the ordinary, sincere and one of a kind. Jamaica is destined to do and write great things.



This one is gem I read in Italian ,so I am sorry if it is not available in other languages but I cannot not mentioning it. I am a huge fan (and have studied )astronomy for so long and unfortunately is one of those fascinating ,at least for me, subject that can easily become boring if not tell and teach in a good and entertained way. Descartes’ error speaks of philisophy and quantum physics in a delicate and surprising way. you are intrigued by the protagonist’s stories, following the narrow streets of Amsterdam and their cuts of light and the sound of water. The author has the power to make you feel there with him, to make you feel part of his dialogue that is no longer his but yours and the reader’s mind is constantly stimulated, asking questions and giving himself answers. Physics becomes a companion, an interlocutor, a friend. That drastic separation between emotion and intellect which for centuries has been an inspiring criterion of research, as well as a speculative principle not to be violated, dates back to Descartes. But the reality is turning out to be different. In particular, the fascinating investigations on the brain currently underway move in a completely different direction. Damasio was perhaps the first to carefully examine the unfortunate consequences of Descartes’ separation, and today it is possible to circumscribe that error on the basis not only of speculative arguments, but also of the analysis of clinical cases – which Damasio presents with narrative vivacity. comparable to that of Sacks – and the evaluation of experimental neurological facts. All the lines seem to converge towards the same result: the essentiality of the cognitive value of feeling. Forcing the current linguistic expression, Damasio uses “sentiment” to denote something conceptually new, and introduces an important and hitherto undetected distinction between basic feeling and the feeling of emotions: a distinction that here is based on observations of anatomical architecture. functional of the central nervous system and not on motivations of only psychological functionalism (as for example in Johnson-Laird). Thus a great step forward is taken towards the neurobiological clarification of emotional functionality and its very close intertwining with rational action. It is precisely here that the main novelties gather, making this book one of the most exciting readings in a field – that of the relationship between brain and consciousness – where a great deal is still to be discovered.



His Dark Materials is a trilogy of fantasy novel (Northern Light ,The subtle knife ,The amber spyglass) . It follows the coming of age of two children, Lyra and Will. His dark material may seem like a children’s trilogy, but unfortunately marketing is very misleading in this case. It is a trilogy without an age target, says the author, which creates parallel worlds, dialogues and stories that intertwine and catapult you into the most magical world there is, or not. Lyra is one of the female protagonists I most love and have ever loved in literature. He is a complex character, one of a kind. Philip Pullman manages to talk about philisophy, religion, love, war, physics, chemistry and biology in a way that is comfortable for the reader but without falling into the ridiculous or the dejected. There is nothing unsettled about these books. They tell stories that will stay with you forever and if I ever have children in the future, I will absolutely give them these books, having a transcendent ability to speak to an adult reader and a child reader. Because we must always learn from the little ones. I love this trilogy madly and I also recommend the TV series that came out last year if you want to visually immerse yourself in this world.



That’s it for now guys, let me know if you like this kind of topics. Is kind of difficult to not rumble too much about books that are really important to me for very different reasons ,but I am always willing to share my favorites things with you and hopefully inspired some of you.

I will see you soon guys and stay safe out there.

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