Hi guys ! How are you doing today ? I hope you are all doing well and today I am here to share with my December favorites. That’s right ,we have made it to December. Who would have thought? I guess the first favorite ,maybe of the year should be being alive. But dark humor beside ,let’s get going.




I will be honest with you guys I have been really busy with my  new job so I don’t have a huge amount of favorites but those i have are real gem. The first being my new base favorites ,well it is not new but I have only recently started using it properly because I am finally that shade of white that match this product. I am talking about the Hourglass vanish seamless finish stick foundation and if you are like me ,which I wouldn’t recommend in any case ever, you will probably associated stick with cakey or drywall at least I do. That’s why I have never think about purchased a stick formula product especially since I am minimal and glowy base type of girl. I love any kind of product that I don’t feel on my skin and that gives me the bare minimum coverage and the maximum of the glow. This product really surprised me with that. The packaging is something out of this world as every case with hourglass ,a designer dream. Not to mention their shops. Amazing. But since we are not her to talk about interior design ,although the packaging is amazing ,the formula is even better: the medium coverage is supported with a easy to use and super bendable finish ,especially with my beauty blender. This application gives me a soft focus effect ,blurred out fines lines and still give me the most balanced satin finished. Could it be any better ? I don’t think so. Highly recommend it!



The second product I have been using since November is my new mascara from Diego Dalla Palma beauty which a brand I would never consider buying ,don’t know why ,but It never occurs to me ,so this product is actually a gift from one of my friend for my birthday. I am always to intrigued to see which products my friends who doesn’t follow beauty youtubers or bloggers ,prefer and use and this one is a really good mascara. It gives such a great combo of lengthening and volume and the only down for me is the packaging because is so bulky and unnecessary huge . I get the concept of the joke ,my toy boy etc ,but still ,in 2020 we definitely don’t need such a huge wounds. Packaging beside ,great mascara I absolutely love it.






One of my favorites bloggers ,Estee Lalonde ,ha staters her own podcast a few years ago and I absolutely loved it. I love how she freely talks about any kind of topics without censorship: from period talks to tampons ,to sex ,to exes . I love this podcast so much and she has brought it back after months of kind of abandoning it I guess. But anyway ,if you like me love her you already know about it and don’t need any kind of advise ,but if you love a good talk ,with some laughs and some tears here and there ,definitely check her out.




The last favorite of the month are two completely different documentaries I saw on Netflix recently. The first is called Reversing Roe and it talks about everything we need to know about the abortion situation in the United States and how we are dealing this problem. It is an outstandingly well done documentary that speaks about how important it is that we still talk about it and we still keep on fighting for the freedom of choice . Women in some states cannot have access to abortion and are forced to drove for 6 to 9 hours to get to a clinic that will take care of them. Women who are assaulted when they enter those clinics. Doctors who travel all over the country just to make  sure that every woman has the ability to pursue her right. I highly recommend everyone ,men and women to see it.



The second documentary I saw talks about the story of this photographer who basically built up this video diary of his relationship with non other than Castro. We are immediately immerse in the Cuba of the 1960 and 1970 and it covers half of a century of its history ,seeing how it has and how it has not changed. Mr. Alpert’s movie is a personal  shooting of over 1,000 hours of footage in the country . This movie really gives you a feeling of how curious and maybe a bit shameless sometime he was ,but I absolutely would recommend it to everyone.





Anyway guys ,those were my favorites of the months. I hope you enjoyed them and let me know what are yours. 

I will see you soon!

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