Hi guys! How are you doing today?

I hope you are doing great mentally and emotionally.

If not, always remember to reach out to anyone who you deeply trust and know you can lean on.

Today I want to share with you a little obsession of mine, socks. As random as it may sounds, I love socks and I love finding the most colorful and funky that I get my hands on.

I always thought they were such an undervalued item, or accessory I may say. But for someone like me who usually wear neutral or black, socks are the perfect touch of color in a other “boring” outfit. I also love the social aspect of them : there’s always someone who is willing to comment on them and that is also a nice little thing you can joke around with.

If you are not like me and love play with colors in your everyday outfit, socks are gonna be the little cherry on top of the cake, you can mix and match them to your color palette and make them part of the overall look.

Not gonna lie, the majority of the socks I own I love to wear them with my Dr martens, because they are black and monochromatic, and that make them stand out a lot more.

The most basic socks I own are my arket one, plain white and cotton. I love the “dad” vibe they give to any outfit and I particularly love wearing them with any kind of sneakers or with my loafers to really playing contrast and accentuate their nature.

Another simple and yet always useful is a good pair of plain black one, ankle high. Again, nothing special but always looks so good and effortless with any kind of outfit. I love wearing them with my doc in an all black outfit, or with a good pair of blu jeans and my loafer. So classy and cool.

Onto the more fun stuff, I’ve always loved a good old 90s vibe dolce and Gabbana inspired animalier print, but never had enough gut to pull it off, so what a better way than socks to do that? I saw Chiara, one of my best friends ever, wearing them a long time ago and thought she looked so cool and years and years after her influenced me, here I am finally pulling them off.

I don’t know the technical term for this kind of print, but who doesn’t love a cow printed socks? sounds good to me, always keeping the black and white theme on top of the quality.

Another one of my favorites is my neone lime green snake print, yes you heard me right. Nothing more subtle i know, but I love how spicy and different they are. They are a real showstopper!

On a completely different vibe, these are my soft and romantic pair of chiffon socks, something I love to wear with my docs, to play in contrast with. They are the most feminine and frilly pair I own but I love them nonetheless. Super fun.

I have also an ongoing love affair with spunge socks, to wear with my sneakers especially and I own way too many pairs. I love how old school they look, so classic and so back to the future vibe. I love them so much.

I decided to not talk about collant or over the knee socks because I don’t consider myself very passionate about any of those, so in this case I much prefer share with you my favorites socks and I hope you like them too.

Let me know what you think guys and if have tried anything similar and I will see you soon folks!

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