Hi guys, how are you doing today ? I hope you are all feeling well ,mentally and physically . 

Today I want to share with you another little round up of my most recents ootds.

I have been trying this black background , wanting to try something new and although I love the chromatic effect ,some phots and some details are definitely washed out. Let me know what you think cause I like to try different things out.

Most of these outfits revolve around one of my favorite trouser I bought this year from Zara at the beginning of the year. I am gonna link them down below if they are still available but basically they are the perfect smart but comfy grey trouser ,perfect for feeling put together but still not in your pajamas.  I also have tried to include my outwear pieces more cause at the end of the day even though we cannot go outside ,we still have to the trash out lol.






The first ootd  feature my favorite raincoat and probably the best raincoat I have ever tried. Is by Scout and it is the most good looking but still practical rubbery raincoat, it is thick and absolutely water \wind \ snow proof. I love this piece so much because it gives me a classic and sofgsiticated vibes without losing the practical aspect of it.Highly recommend it. 


The second look has the trouser of the year for me ,this amazing grey piece from Zara ,a classic cut and a tailored fit with a modern touch . They are comfy as fuck but still looking put together ,I love them and I have been wearing them non stop. The simplicity of a nice quality white t-shirt and tailored trouser to me is a classic combo that will never die.

Everything is paid with my beloved Dr. Martines mono black ,the latest addition to my shoe collection and something a little bit pricer than usual but absolutely an investment piece, I clearly cannot take them off. 

I kept the tones neutral and classic but I love to add a pop of color to my outfits ,especially in the accessorize department. 

Another classic combo I have seen all over insta and I just loved it so much is the zoom meeting outfit but in the opposite way . Where you would basically wear smart on the top and casual on the bottom ,I have basically done the opposite thing . Don’t know why anyone would ever find this intriguing or interesting ,but I love the clashing stories of the pieces . I love playing by contrasts and accentuate the tailored fit of the bottom by wearing them with my favorite grey jumper .I still keep it neutral in terms of colors so that I can play with textures and fit.


Another amazing pice de resistance are these amazing palazzo style trouser also by Zara. They are made of a stretchy thick material ,with a lots of elastane in it ,but they are really good quality and their weight helps them stay in shape and gives you this amazing statement look. They are an amazing piece who does all the talking . I enhanced their casual vibe with this soft as fuck old cropped light grey jumper ,the perfect snuggle thank god is Saturday look to me. Something I love wearing when is raining or snowing outside and I still wanted to feel cute after I have done my pilates session online.


Another outfit inspired by the weekend is the all black outfit with a soft big and oversized cardigan on top. I love this crop top for when I want to feel good about my body and maybe show some skin and still having the security blanket on top that gives me warmth and coziness. 

The smart version of this look is create with a simple switch : take off the cardi, put on the blazer . Not gonna lie , is definitely something I am not wearing a lot and will not probably wear for a long time ,but sometimes when I want to dress smart and chic for a zoom meeting ,this is something I would definitely choose. 

I decided to add something different : a skirt . I know ,who am I ?! I was totally influenced by an amazing girl I saw on insta wearing s pleated skirt and a jumper and I seriously have to force myself to wear this amazing piece more ,because I love it so much (although I have nowhere to wear it ). I guess my grocery stores trips are going to be real fancy. 


The latest staple item I love wearing in the colder months ,are my faux leather trousers from years and years ago from Zara. They are soft like a cloud (what a poet am I ),they are comfy as fuck but still gibing you a sophisticated and modern look. To me they feel like wearing a jumpsuit and I love them so much. I paired them with my fluffy red jumper ,to play with some color ,or with a classic grey nike tee to casual them up. 

Keeping it neutral with this amazing oversized wool coat from Zara or with my beloved camel coat ,either way they add an extra touch to any kind of outfit ,a texture element to play with or against. To smart the ootds up I pair everything with my old classy loafers ,a manly piece I wear to death and absolutely love.

I love them with a  big oversized white 
jumper to keep it super neutral and add some colors trough the accessories ,or by adding a subtle color with this amazing oversized burgundy jumper.
Either way the most classic outfits ,with this pair of faux leather ,make them pop and stand out.


           Anyway ,that’s it for today guys . I hope you have found this somewhat interesting and I will see you soon. 

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