Aka, my favorite eyeshadows I use as a one stop shop all over the lid.

Hi guys, how are you doing today? I hope you are doing great. Today I want to share with you a little blogpost about some of my favorite, at the moment, eyeshadows. By that I mean, those eyeshadows I use as an all over the lid kind of look, basically my favorite look because it is so easy to do and you cannot go wrong with it.

If the quality is there, and in this case it is, then you can easily create any look you want by blending those eyeshadows in the crease and all over the lid, creating some sort of messy smokey eyes vibe.

I love eyeshadows like this because it is easy to use, effortless and last all day without having to worry about creases or smudges.

It is no surprise I have zero skills in makeup, as most of the fields of life, so if I can do it, you definitely can. It is just a matter of preferences I guess but I particularly love this kind of look.

Most of these shadows are from Nabla as you can see and, as you guys probably already know, I am absolutely obsessed with this brand at the moment. I use their palettes every single time I do my make up, so this should have come with no surprise at all to you.

Before starting, I want to  do a little disclaimer : as the laziest person on the planet, the i love doing the most is to use my bronzer or blusher as an eyeshadow, first of all because I am lazy as fuck, and second of all because I like to say that it creates a more coherent and cohesive look, some sort of monochromatic moment as we say. But the true is that I am just lazy.

So today I want to mention eyeshadows only, not bronzer or any other products I like to use on my lid.

Here we go:

Caramel : I unfortunately smashed it after one use of it but I don’t care and still using it until it is over. This to me is the most classic of the color, a true brown with an orange undertone. Perfect for every skin tone and eye color, it is basically what I want in my everyday life, a warmth touch on the lid, just brown enough to define my crease. It is one of those all time favorites that will never die and I will always and always repurchased it.

Radikal : I already know this color is not everyone’s cup of tea and for a long time I would never ever ever even come close to something like this. An olive dark green? Who am I? As a warmth tones only kind of girl, this is definitely something out of the range for me but since I wanted to try to incorporate more cool toned eyeshadows in my collection, this has become one of my favorites. With a soft touch and a light hand, a wash of color all over the lid this color transform any kind of look into a sofisticate as fuck makeup look, without the effort of having to create it. I love how it works in contrast with the warmth of my eye color, and how immediately makes the look much sexier and sultry. I highly recommend this one even tho can be a little bit scary.

Poetry : On a completely different vibe, poetry is, again, a cool toned eyeshadow, the most precious and romantic color :a light purple, a true lavender color. Nothing more sweet, and magical, something I imagine a girl running trough the meadow would wear. This is my versione of wearing color, and going a little bit out there from time to time but with the color of my boring brown eyes, again I absolutely love it.

Contigo: On a more warmth note, contigo is part of the secret palette by Nabla, again. It is a deeper antique pink with a warmth undertone and some brown in it. To me, this is a sofisticated all over the lid look, something I would wear when I wan  to feel a little bit more special, a little bit more out together.

Ghibli : This is one of my favorites of all time, it is basically the less warm versione of caramel, that shade in between caramel and contigo. A true brown with a hint of yellow underneath. Again, the classiest of all.

Zen : Similar to contigo, zen is a more pinky rose, still in the antique version of it  but with a bit more pink and warmth in it, you can clearly see the salmon / peachy undertone in it. It is the most magical color for an all over monochromatic look paird with a classic red lipstick, I think it is so modern and so beautiful.

Narrative: this is basically on of those eyeshadows a makeup artist who is starting her or his kit,will always have. It is a basic true light brown, nothing too warm nothing too cool, the perfect neutral shade. Something you would use to create a crease or defining it. I love using this color on a night out, with the most luminous base, defined brows and the most magical true red lipstick. A classic diva.

Utopía : leaving the nabla world, another amazing brand that do the shadows so right, is Huda. This shade is from the mercury retrograde palette and it is the most magical peachy with a strong orange undertone, something I use all the times in the spring and summer months and right now not so much but is the most buttery and smooth peach shadow you will ever try.

Momentum : Last but not least, the most basic of all but still a necessity. Momentum is the basic beige with a slightly pinky undertone, something to run all over the lid for the perfect canvas, a true standard in everyone collection. When I can be bothered I love pairing it with a line of black eyeliner to really make it pop, again super classic and elegant.

Those were all of my favorites eyeshadows at the moment, those i reach towards the most and I continually use and love and I would repurchase in a heart beat. As you can see, they are all matte and although I love a good sparkle on the lid, I must say in my everyday life I stick to my neutral matte eyeshadows and I am good to go, maybe it is just a phase maybe not, who knows. Either way, the quality of these shadows are increíble and I highly recommend to you all of them.

I quick little mention goes to my favorite brush,the sigma e40 brush. The perfect fluffy blending brush, that allows to distribute the products in the most efficient way.

Let me know guys which are your favorite eyeshadows and I will see you soon folks!

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