Hi guys, how are you doing today?

I hope you are doing great mentally and emotionally.

Today little blogpost is a collection of recent ootds I never get the chance to post on the gram.

The key element i am trying to incorporate into my current style is to create looks that are comfortable and simple to put together, revolving around a major piece.

In these cases my piece de resistance are my camel trouser by Zara, from last year and since I never get the cost per wear of them, the last couple of months I have been loving wearing them, most of all because they are so freaking comfortable.

Neutral shades are really easy to color coordinate but I always love to spice up a look by adding some sort of color to it.

Keep in mind some of these outfits are just for the fun of trying some looks out cause I definitely don’t go out at all if not for work, so don’t feel left out or like you have to dress a particular way.

I love this part of my life and my blog, and sometimes I just enjoy putting together ootds just for the fun of it.

Just wanted to make it clear, but anyway, let me know what you think guys and what are your thoughts on these looks.

I will see you soon folks!

2 thoughts on “ Recent ootds ”

  1. Those camel pants are AWESOME!
    They’re one of those things I’ll always eye in stores but always leave because I figure I can’t pull any styles of with them. You’re rocking them though, for sure!

    1. Thank you so much! To me the most difficult part was finding the perfect shade. Honestly I love them so much! So comfy and still smart. You would rock them out so well ❤️

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