Hi guys, how are you doing today ?

I hope you are all doing great ,considering the stressful time we are living in. Please hang in there and stay safe ! Better times are ahead ,I promise.

But anyway ,now that I have finished my motivational ted talk of 40 minutes and thanks to my useless words ,you are all feeling the same ,today I want to talk to you about a couple of products I noticed I started using more when I have to go out ,and while I was using some go them I remembered how at first impression I didn’t like them at all. So I was like, ok ,well I guess some products need a little bit more love to bloom.

So Today I wanted to talk to you about a few makeup products I started not liking so much ,to absolutely loving them. The key in every element is way of application, time and texture. But don’t ever forget that even tho some products are designed to be used in some way ,you always do you : a sponge or a brush can completely change a way a product is apply and performe. I usually love using my fingertips because I think their warmth and strength adapt any kind of texture in the best way possibile ,but sometimes a sponge is way more gentle .Sometimes ,a cheek product can be the perfect eyeshadows and so on ,so always experiment with your makeup products and get the best out of them , not only is way more fun to experiment with them this way ,but it is also way better for our bank.

  • The first product I want to talk to you about is the “oh so famous” Charlotte Tilbury lip cheat lipliner. Amazingly packaged as every Charlotte Tilbury product , the most luxurious experience in the market probably . The shade are impeccable ,I particularly love Pillow Talk and iconic nude : the first being a nude with a rose pinky undertone and the second being a true brown nude ,something you would typically wear in the 90s. The problem for me was the texture . They are not the most buttery or soft of the lipliner I was typically used to and that ,at the beginning kind of disappointed me a little bit . Don’t get me wrong ,the opacity and the intestate is there and there’s nothing wrong with that ,but I find them a little bit hard on the lips. Something that I quickly grew with because I noticed how sharped and how easy it was to define my lips in the most natural and easy way. I noticed that with a good balm underneath ,it would all work out perfectly in the end and now I absolutely loved so much :so much so I then purchased iconic nude ,which is still one of my favorite ever. Nothing groundbreaking or miraculous about it, just a little bit more prep sometimes to make things work out smoothly.


  • The second product I want to share with you is one of my favorite mascara ever : Velvet noir by Marc Jacob. Again ,as every product it depends primarily on how you have your lashes ,if they are long or shorts. In my case ,I have short and blonde lashes and if that is not the most horrible combo I don’t know what it is ,but thanks to makeup I can adjust that and still look like a girl from time to time. Since I have shorts lashes I shouldn’t be near volumizing products and I should prefer lengthening one ,but you know me (if you don’t know believe me ) I just love a really thick and dramatic lashes look. I love how they define your eyes and fluttering they can be . The problem born when some mascara are way too volumizing and you get the classic spidery look ,a clumpy mess basically and that exactly what this mascara gave me at the beginning. I feel like mascara are the most transformative product on the market ,just because they are truly so much in contact with air and oxygen ,and so not only with this one in particular but with a lots of them you should be espect a change in the formula. Lucky me ,this time the change was in a good way and the clumpiness leave space to defined volume. Nowadays I just love this mascara so much and it has become my go to.


  • The third product I want to mention is a classic case of “thin layer and small doses “. Nudestix is one of the most fascinating brand I have discovered last year and I jump on the wagon and immediately try a few of their classics . Needless to say ,I was blow away by the concept ,so new and innovative . So well thought ,so genius and avanguarded. One of this product by the way ,the highlighter in the shade illuminaughty ,was giving such oroblems in the application porocess. I could not figuerd it out how to work it ,becuase it was so sticky ,so messy so all over the place i just could not get my hand aroiund it and so ,as a lots of th product i didint get the chance to love ,i use it for my photos and my instagram phothooot. Bumped about how wonderfull everyobody keep raving about it i decided to try it one more time , and finally cracked the code : thin layers. The only way ,at least for me, is to apply thin layers with your fingertips and warmth it up with your hands. By applying it with a little bit more patience ,you will obtain a wonderfull juicy glow on your cheekbones ,the most amazing wet look effect ,something i tough i could never achieve before. I highly recommend this gem !

The latest mention of this boring list goes to my newest purchase by Nabla . It is their highlighter in the shade ozone ,a beautiful and true champagne toned sparkle magic on your skin.

Nabla is an Italian brand I discovered recently ,I absolutely loved their palettes and I have already talk about it so much here on my blog and on my insta , I basically use only this nowadays ,it’s incredible.But anyway ,the first time I tried the powder highlighter I find it super powdery and not quite what I I am usually looking forward in a powder product . I am all about a wet looking glow ,the classic subtle but definitely there “skincare juice “. I remembered when I was younger and first finding my passion about makeup, I was all about those super glazing highlighter from Becca or jouer and although they still are amazing and i bust them off from time to time , i am definitely a more mature skin girl nowadays ,and this kind of glow suit me best. The Nabla one at the beginning was too powdery as i have said but it is just about the first one or two layer ,then the magic happen and the softest brush combined with this buttery powder ,give your skin the most ethereal barely there luminosity. I am madly in love with everything they are doing at the moment and I can’t recommend them enough. https://www.nablacosmetics.com/it/illuminanti-blush/1407-skin-glazing-ozone.html

Anyway, that’s it for today guys ,I hope you have enjoy my little new find ,shopping my stash and all that jazz with you and let me know guys if you have any product that you started not liking so much and ended up loving.

Stay safe out there and I will see you soon !

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  1. I have also bought the Nabla Skin Glazing recently and I’m just obsessed. It was definitely a bit too dry in the beginning but now it’s stunning. Love this post! xx

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