Hi guys! How are you doing today ?

I hope you are doing great and today giving the strange time we are living in. What a difficult year we are living in ami right ? But still ,we are gonna get trough this shitty time. I have my ups and downs and some days I feel super productive while other days I am fully embracing my “I am not gonna get out of bed today for sure”vibe. So whenever you feel some kind of way ,trust me you are not alone.

Surely living alone in this time has made a huge impact on how I felt about social life and how I felt about myself in general but I am gonna get the best of this situation and appreciate every single little thing. Anyways ,sorry for the little spill ,if is something you are interested in and maybe want to talk about with me let me know ,cause I would absolutely love to share our experience and lift each other up.

Anyways today I want to share with you my latest monthly favorites, cause at the end of the day ,even November has come and gone.

A little disclaimer guys, every month that goes by I feel like my favorites are less and less makeup and style related and more lifestyle focused ,but I am sure that ain’t gonna last forever cause at the end of the day ,I love makeup products and the creativity aspect of it ,but as you guys can imagine ,right now first world problem is not how I love that bronzer or how good that skincare routine made me feel. Even the more passionate beauty guru I think can agree with me in the sense that, right now I could not care less about talking with you about a blush ,although I love them so much. I created this little blog to burnt my creativity and to create a safe space to talk about everything lifestyle related ,but I am deeply convinced that as human we are political being ,social being and for that reason ,I cannot not knowledge the current situation .

But ,without any further useless explanation ,let’s start!





The first makeup product I absolutely love this month and still going to love in the winter season is my Nipple Balm from Dr. Lipp. https://www.lookfantastic.it/dr.lipp-s-original-nipple-balm-for-lips/10804751.html?affil=thggpsad&switchcurrency=EUR&shippingcountry=IT&shoppingpid=sitewide_code_050118&thg_ppc_campaign=71700000032433685&adtype=pla&product_id=10804751&&thg_ppc_campaign=71700000032433685&gclid=CjwKCAiA8Jf-BRB-EiwAWDtEGuvFinSUzPRED5hvxtDxYkFrt9u-9BCCwub9JJ1ZfTRYGN0vpNSZ_RoCfy8QAvD_BwE&gclsrc=aw.ds

I used to use my favorite Lanege lip mask (which smells amazing btw) and it is so luxurious on the lips ,but for the seek of change ,I tried this one. The first pro for me about this product is that it comes in a tube and ,although it may seems something irrelevant ,I absolutely hate the application process of having to dig my nails in a little container ,apply it on my lips and having it all over under my nails. I am a messy person ,don’t get me wrong (I can handle a messy lips balm ) but if life can be simplify by a few details ,I am all about it.

The second thing I absolutely love about it is how thick and hardcore this one is. This product is 100 % organic and you can easily see from the first application how thick it is and  If you ,like me, need and extra overnight secure layer that will hydrate your lips ,I highly recommend this one also as mask.  Seriously ,It is so effective that I still feel it in the morning when I wake up.

Don’t get me wrong ,every kind of lip balm or lip product can eccettuate a vicious cycle that will eventually get your lips to get worse ,but since this particular product is 100% lanolin ,a natural fat ,I find it so nourishing on my lips and I just love it so much. You need the smallest amount and it will get you covered for a period of time.

Thus kind of lip product is also targeted towards those women who are breast-feeding ,to apply an the nipple area ,so that can give you an idea of how much organic and safe it is and also ,as how high impact it has.

Don’t need to say that I will continue to love it for the rest of winter!



The first tv series I absolutely devour is the not so famous (at least here in Italy), It’s always sunny in Philadelphia .https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/It%27s_Always_Sunny_in_Philadelphia. It’s a totally irrational and absolutely out there comedy that tells the story of four friends who run a bar in Philly . As you guys already know I love me a good old dark dark humor and this serie check all the list for me. If you want something funny and absolutely easy with a good dark humor sarcasms highly recommend this serie.

On a totally different note and category ,my second favorite of the month is Precious, a movie from 2009 that tells the story of a sixteen years old girl ,called Precious who has a really difficult youth growing up in Harlem ,having to deal with an abusive mother and a beast as a father. It is a very heavy movie about the themes and the way it tell them ,but for the way it is presented ,and how much important these themes are ,I highly reckoned it to you.


I particularly loved this movie and since I am trying to educate myself every month a little bit more about the black live movement ,I made a pact with myself to consume more and more stories ,books ,tv series and everything that can give me knowledge and more information about how the white supremacy has worked and unfortunately still exist. I know it is a small step, but it is important that we don’t let the movement and the beautiful inspiring days where we all march trough the streets to protest stay in the past . It is fundamental ,at least for me but I think is important for everyone ,to keep one nursing that part of our education.  Every day, every month ,forever.






The mayor favorite of the month for me in term of fashion and lifestyle ,is my savior of the month . I am talking about the Intimissimi (surprise surprise !) ultralight cashmere knit. I am madly in love with this piece because it allows you to feel good ,and secure but still feel warm and snuggle. The most amazing thing about it for me is its versatility : I love how classic and minimalist under and oversized blazer it looks ,giving you a sleek structured look ,but still keep you warm with a little touch of sexiness due to the sheer texture . If you haven’t been near a blazer for a few months like me ,it is also the perfect extra layer under any kind of thick jumper ,that give you that extra snuggle (cause let’s be honest ,never enough layers!).





Those are my little bundle of favorites of the months guys ,let me know what have you been loving in this months ,and I will see you soon folks!

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