Hi guys!! How are you doing today ? I hope you are doing well .Knowing the uncertainty of this time and the awfulness we are living in ,lets be nice to each other and e gentle with ourself.

Today I wanted to share with you another little and simple look using only two product. I love this serie because it allows me to be creative ,to use products I already own in a different way ,ways I would never though about before.

The two product I choose for today’s post are a base product and a bronzer .

The base product I choose is my beloved byterry cc cream ,the perfect luminous light base . I love this product so much ,I have spoke about this so many times it’s kind of ridiculous but just so you know I still love it so much.

I choose the bronzer to sculpt a little bit and still warm up the complexion . A more neutral base bronzer allow you to define and create shadows and still give the face an overall tanned look and also, can be use as the perfect crease shade eyeshadow.

The absolute dream would be to be able to use the bronzer as also a brow shadow but that’s definitely not my case cause I need a more cooled tone shade.

But anyway ,let me know what you think and which products you would choose and I will see you soon folks!



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