Hi guys, how are you doing today ? Today’s post is inspired by a recent self talk I had with myself (doh). The recent huge amount of attention given to the Netflix documentary “The social dilemma “made me do a little reflection about social media in general and how I use them . https://www.netflix.com/watch/81254224?trackId=14170287&tctx=2%2C7%2C1e35dcc5-3269-4804-81e2-3cc6aa892fce-58161521%2C5d6d7a7a-a9e8-48b9-8725-3494a5f494b7_57940897X3XX1604315805542%2C%2C

I didin’t particularly like the documentary in itself but I would highly recommend you read this book which I wrote years ago and it talks about basically the same subject but a different twist :

I am not gonna tall in depth about these kind of products ,but I definitely felt myself feeling a little bit overwhelmed and kind of lost. I recently started act a little bit of a change in how I approach not all social media but my main guilt ,the social on which I spent the most amount of time ( 1hour at least per day ): Instagram . I am definitely not one of those who after have seen the documentary cancel everything or wanted to do but have never the gut to actually do it. I think the social dilemma is made to shock and to provoke you without giving the audience any type pf solution or suggestions or encourigmnet .

What I started to do by the way was to unfollow a lots of profiles that weren’t giving me any kind of joy or inspiration but was just the copy one of the other.

Since I started my instagram profile I struggle a lot with the source of inspiration and where I can find it. We all want to strive ,to be different ,to create something new and exciting but that is barely possibile. Nothing is new nowadays and nothing is exciting anymore. But what we can do ,is find a way in which we feel good to talk and to communicate with our audience .

I always find myself tryng to do something that has to be new, that has to be exciting and ended up feel so lost after a few attemps. That is impossible to achieve and to find my own roots and my. own voice I decided I had to change my source of inspiration . I stop follow a lots of instagrammers and influencers that don’t resonate with me ,don’t communicate on my own page and stetted follow more and more artists. Filling my eyes with colors combinations ,shapes ,shadows, arts in all source or forms is such a boost of curiosity for my mind and let me feel good after closing the app. IS kind of a renovation of the way I look at insta and it helps me to stop comparing my life with others.

This all process lead me to Pinterest which has become probably my favorite app ever. It is a constant source of amazing photos ,going from movies to art to interior to fashion all amazingly captured. I just love it so much and I find myself spending way more time there than anywhere else and that makes me feel good after. It makes me feel inspired to create something similar yet different in my own way. I would highly recommend you try it!

Another amazing world ,probably the most similar to Pinterest is just Magazines. A magazine is probably my favorite one just because it so much more relaxing ,the time spent on it slow down ,you don’t have to look at a screen and it talk to the more intimate and rooted forms of communications we grow up with . It awakes something more primitive inherited in our mind from when we were young. The feeling of the paper under our fingertips ,the slowness of the process ,of reading it ,of smelling it through the turning process. It sparks a remote way of visione ,a different kind of visualization . I wan to start this hobby more and I think it is definite something we can all learn more from .

I didint mention in this little blog art galleries ,books and movies which obsiusvly are the main sources of inspiration for me ,but I wanted to stay focused on the firsts instruments I go to when I have to work on my insta feed or blogpost and although I would 100 % recommend watching amazing movies instead of scrolling trough Pinterest or instagram I wanted to stay true to myself and tell what I actually do and 90%of the time the main source are those for me. That doesn’t mean I don’t read or watch movies cause those are my favorites hobbis ever and will always be.

Let me know if you have any questions or if you have any source of inspiration.

Stay safe and healthy inside your houses.

I will see you soon folks!

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