Hi guys! How are you doing today?

Today I am restless and anxious as fuck.

It is a pretty bad day considering the covid situation, the Trump situation and so on. But, I could stay in bed and be miserable or get up and trying to create a safe space for my mind to be in, even if just for few minutes.

So it is nothing groundbreaking as always, but I wanted to share with you some ootds I created.

The idea around them was to use oe pair of trousers and honest to God, I am really loving this pair I bought last year from Zara.

I am finding myself wearing them the most during this kind of season but they truly are a cost per wear deal.

I love the fit, the tailored structure and the androgynous vibes they give to any outfit.

Here I am wearing a double layer of Blazer, one sleeveless from Mango and on top, my oversized one from Zara which I use all the time.

I love the structure of the double black Blazer on top of each other. I think it really add something to a very classic otherwise outfit.

Here I play them up for a virtual night out, or night in. The leather touch and the red hat are a simple yet effective way of jazz up any kind of outfit especially a classic one like this.
To bring the layering game to the maximum I choose a classic black shirt to play color blocking and trow over a sleeveless cardigan

The layer of ootd is structured by color blocking, black and camel creat contrast and the different texture create structure. The belt was necessary for me in this case to allow me to wear it and not be worn. A simple since in the waist is a classic trick.

Another softer versione of the outfit above-mentioned, is the most simple sleeveless Blazer and the most soft and elegant black t shirt from weekday. The only thing that pops up is the vintage belt which in my eyes give the overall look a different twist in a more iconic way.

A cap and a vintage Blazer can be your best friend.

With this particular ootd I wanted to have fun and tried to style the ootd down instead of up and although we De still dealing with classic colors and fits, a good pair white sneakers and a cap can really mix well together with the rest of the look. I imagine myself wearing this kind of outfit on my day off from work to run errands and stay an hour in the line at the post office. Cool but comfy.

This would probably be most boring of them all.

When you want to play safe, you can’t really go wrong with a good old satin cami top and a good black Blazer. There’s really nothing to say about this combo, it is just the most classic, someone may say boring, of them all but you know you can allow count on it.

Last, but not least, a more nordicfashion style inspired look. Sometimes I would imagine a beautiful architect from Copenhagen would wear. We have again, the classic black shirt but layerd under a thin jumper to create a subtle and delicate change to elevate the look.

I hope some of you guys find this little round up of my latest outfit some what interesting. As always, let me know what you think and I will see you soon folks!

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