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Today I want to talk to you about some little tips and tricks I have “discovered ” for preventing my skin to get really bad after hours and hours of wearing masks.

There is nothing of groundbreaking here ,and definitely nothing new ,but I though it could still be a little bit useful to some of you . Don’t get me wrong ,there is no miracle here . Our skin will suffer and that is a fact . But what we can change is how we prepare it and how we take care of it after.

Skin is a very delicate organ ,the largest of our body and it is the barrier that protect us from everything that is outside. A lots of skincare beauty expert refereed to it as a sponge ,nothing more wrong than that.

A little bit of anatomy

The skin is made up of an epithelium (epithelial cells) called the epidermis, a connective tissue (elastic and collagen cells) called the dermis and an adipose tissue called subcutaneous.
The skin appendages (nails, hair and hair), vessels and nerves are contained in the dermis and subcutaneous.

The epidermis is divided into layers that depend on the state of maturation of the keratinocytes. They are epithelial cells, from whose stratification the epidermis itself originates, which progressively migrate from a basal site (or basal layer) towards the skin surface undergoing a differentiation process called keratinization. During its intraepidermal transit, the keratinocyte acquires characteristic changes in its morphology that allow the epidermis to be histologically divided into four layers: basal, thorny, granular, shiny (only in some skin areas) and horny.
The basal layer is adjacent to the dermis and consists of a single layer of cylindrical keratinocytes. They represent the germ cells of the epidermis, on whose division the continuous renewal of the epithelium depends. Interposed between the basal keratinocytes are the melanocytes, cells whose main function is to produce and secrete melanin, then transferring it to the keratinocytes. They are more numerous in the photo-exposed areas such as the face and less in the trunk.

Above the basal cells, we find the spinous layer which, normally, has a thickness of about 5 cells. In areas subjected to pressure stimuli, such as the elbows, palms and soles of the feet, it is much thicker; in other areas, such as the face and forearm, it may be thinner.
Above the spiny cells, as they mature and begin to keratinize, we find the granular layer, which is usually 1 or 2 cells thick.
The shiny layer is located above the granular but is clearly evident only in some places, especially the palms of the hands and the soles of the feet.
The superficial layer of the epidermis is the stratum corneum, usually of a thickness equivalent to 3-4 cells. In it, the cells are mainly composed of keratin filaments and aggregate giving it a “woven basket” appearance. In areas subjected to pressure or trauma it is thickened and thickened.
The dermis is composed of two parts, the papillary, located below the epidermis, and the reticular, located between the papillary and hypodermis. It contains collagen (which allows it a considerable resistance to traction), elastic fibers (which give it reversible extensibility), glycosaminoglycans (which give it hydration and firmness) and the skin appendages, i.e. the hair follicles and the structures associated with it. (sebaceous glands and erector hair muscles).

I wanted to give you “a full on ” in depth skin description to show and prove you how our skin is actually made to protect and defend us ,rather than absorb . And that is also why it is very important rather than pack it on thick layers of skincare ,to exfoliate everyday and to apply thin layer of good nutrients ,if we want to see results.

Another important factor I hoped to give you is how “alive” and how in continuous change this organ is . How it is always in many way deforming itself to adjust to our life ,our climate ,our life style . How it needs to breath to hydrate ,to protect from the sun or from the cold.

That is way ,and I am finally talking about our masks ,they affect so much our skin (some more than others ).

Masks needs to protect us and other people and to do that they filter air particles .This means that we will have the same amount of oxygen particles reaching trough our skin but a less efficient change system . Of course nothing that would in any way disturb our oxygen system (I don’t usual have to specify that but since here in Italy I have seen the NOmask movement grew so much , we ,as doctors ,need to specify certain things ).

But anyway , although I have seen so many of my colleagues and friends not suffering in any way from the content masks wearing , I have definitely notice a worsening in my texture and overall look.

I have always been really lucky in term of how my skin has behaved in my life so I can’t and won’t talk about” acne” or “problems”in any dramatic or difficult way ,bare that in mind . I am well aware of how lucky I am ,I just wanted to give you a little help and to tell what I have been doing and it may be useful to some of you.


Before wearing my mask the first step I do is my usual morning skincare routine ,nothing major changes except (I would not usually exfoliate in the morning)but now I use a light brightening toner on my jaw line . Before adding my serum and my moisturizer. The other change I do is that I don’t wear any type of base products ,not even my favorite tata harper diamond serum . I left my skin ,especially on the bottom half of my face , the most naked I can get.

The toner I love using in the morning is by Pixi . Is super light ,not drying at all and although for the rest of my face and for my night time skincare routine is too light for my taste ,is perfect in this situation .


I add this little exfoliation step in the morning to let my skin even more able to breath than usual ,the let my skin cells absorb all the hydration I hav put on top even more. The key is absolutely to not put any makeup products on top ,to really let it breath.  But since a lots of people may not want that ,I would suggest use the lightest cc cream you own or create one by mixing you daily cream and you foundation of choice .



The step I would do after ,having my skin on all fucking day ,it to double cleans ,which has never been an option  ( Caroline Hirons rules )and use a deeper and more strong exfoliating product ,in this case my Alpha H toner is the perfect product.

After the double cleans and the exfoliation steps ,of course hydrate to the maximum with whatever serum you have and the last step I have added again is retinoids . Using my Luna oil every night helps my skin cells rejuvenate and change faster . Retinoids are something I usually tend to add a few times and use for a couple of month every year and I have been loving using them and I have noticing how better my skin texture is.



The last thing I would tell you guys is that I have seen so many people recommend silk masks ,wool masks ,cotton masks and that is probably something very useful ,but since due to my work I only use surgical masks ,I can’t recommend one of those cause I haven’t tried them but if one you have ,let all of us know how well you have found them or which type you would recommend .

I hope these was a little informative for some of you and I hope you have find it useful is some way .

I will see you soon guys !




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