Hi guys! How are you doing today ? I hope you are all doing great . Don’t forget to gee gentle with yourself ,allowing space and time .

Here we fucking got is finally October ! I started this little blog a year ago and although creativity comes in ups and downs ,I love this little spice I create for myself first and for sharing what I am passionate about with you.

As every months ,let’s roll with this month’s favorite!


The first favorite oof the month has to be Frasier ,one of the newest tv show I have been watching and I am absolutely loving it. It has definitely its age but I find it so interesting and funny. The story runs trough the adventures and the life of this psychiatrist name Frasier : his brother ,his father and his physiotherapist create a nice and original mix of dark humor and psychology . In particular I love the bond between Frasier and his father , I find to feel done and represented … in general a really funny tv serie and I highly recommend it to you!

Another little gem I discovered recently from Netflix is a newish show called The Queen’s Gambit. It is a fictional story that follows the life of an orphan named Beth Harmon from the age of eight to twenty-two during her quest to become the world’s greatest chess player while struggling with emotional issues and with drug and alcohol dependency. The story begins in the mid-1950s and proceeds into the 1960s. I liked the original plot and the character ,nothing groundbreaking but I just loved it, is something you can easily watch without much effort.


Recently I haven’t been changed a lot about my skincare routine and, as every other human being ,since the cold has finally arrived I am fully concentrated towards hydration and retinoids. As you guys already know I am a huge fan of the Sunday Riley Luna oil but after so many months my skin has reach the point of saturation so I decided to step up the game. Acid retinoids need, to work at their full potential, to be more concentrated so that the skin cells can actually adjust them self at every dose. The best anti aging effect to me is always been and will always be ,the combination of hydration and retinoids. They help the cycle of the cells accelerating it ,leaving the skin texture the smoothest and softest you will ever seen. So the latest item I have added to my routine has been the Sunday Riley A+ high – dose retinoid serum . It has been a pleasure to use every night before going to bed and I would absolutely recommend it . The key with retinoids is to start low and slowly make your way to a higher dosage . This way you can see actual results in the most safe way.



The piece the resistance of the month and honestly ,of the season is my vintage Barbour coat I bought from Vestiare collective. This coat was something I dreamed of since forever ,it is the perfect unisex piece of outwear to me . The perfect fusion of cool and practical ,rainproof ,easy to wash ,easy to style : sounds good to me! It is one of the most classic piece of wardrobe ever and that’s why I wanted it so bad ,to style it up in a more sporty chic way or in a more classic and tailored way. Either way ,I am so happy with it and having found it vintage is always a plus!

I want to give a little shout out to Vestiare for being one of the best vintage or second hand platform for shopping amazing piece at the best of their status .


As every fucking autumn season Pumpkin mades its way to the top of my table every fucking time and I am not made about it ! The best way for me is to disturb the fruit the less possible ,letting it do its work by itself . Pumpkin has such a sweet flavor that I love to play in contrast by enhancing it with some spiciness and saltiness . Cut it in big chunks and put them in the oven is my favorite way to eat it ,but a classic way is also the so famous risotto (way more laborious ). Either way you want it ,it is fucking delicious!

As lifestyle I would like to talk to you a little bit about an amazing new In brand I have just discovered trough Instagram, called IDentity . It is a little and new born home made and hand made purse and accessories brand ,based in the north of Italy by this amazing woman who I haven’t had the pleasure to meet yet but I will for sure give myself a little treat . I can’t wait to see her succeed even more ! I am gonna link it down below but I highly recommend you check it out!


That’s it for now guys and I’ll see you soon folks!

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