Hi guys ! How are you doing today ? I hope you are all doing well and today , inspired by the one and only Estee Lalonde I wanted to share with you a new series here on the blog .

I saw her creating a full face with only 2 makeup product and I found it super exciting. Sometimes making bounders is necessary to spice up the creativity fuel. And I am super excited to try this!

Also guys don’t forget to try this if you want and let me know what do you think!

For this look I choose a blush and a mascara.

The blush of choice is Nars Taj Mahal ,a bright burnt orange with some splices of gold in it. The most scary blush I have ever purchased but at the same time ,the most exciting one. I love using this magic little gem in the summer months but also as a one shadow all over the lid product. https://www.narscosmetics.it/it/blush-taj-mahal/0607845040200.html

You probably have heard me spoke about it so many times so there’s nothing particularly new here ,but the point of this serie is also to shop from my stash and rediscovering my own products.

Although it is a little bit scary ,the key with every kind of bold color and in this case ,texture is to go light: light hand and light blending.

A big fluffy blending brush is the most effective way to use this product: the creases are in no need of a structured shadow but the are wash in a messy yet very modern way of this sunset ray of shines golden shower that drops from the eye area to the cheeks and create an amazing matchy yet messy look .

The very ethereal look is defined and interrupted by a great and straight definition from a good dose of black full volume mascara ,in particular I choose the Marc Jacob one.


This mascara has become one of my favorite one for when I want full volume and a more dramatic effect and when I need definition , I always go fro this one.

I love how simple and yet a little nostalgic about summer this look is and if I want to take it to the evening level I would go a little bit over with the blush on the cheeks and blend it a little bit more so that the glittery particles would show up more and more and give the cheeks a more highlighter effect .

I hope you guys enjoy this little blogpost and let me know what do you think about it!

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