Hi guys ,today I want to share with you a couple of ootds I have been loving wearing recently .

Nothing groundbreaking here ,you already are sick of hearing me talk abut how I love autumn wardrobe and layers on layers on layers ,so here we go.


Faux leather pants are The must of the season and since last year I have discovered this particular pair from Zara I haven’t look back since. Usually I would wear a more tigh fit one but the comfort factor of these is on another level and I wear them al the fucking time ,why ? It is basically like wearing your tracksuit but you are chic and cool af.

If that doesn’t convince you ,than I don’t know what would.


The title is pretty much self-explanatory to me but I will reinforce that : to me turtle neck are the sexiest thing ever. Well ,at least when I wear them I feel so good .

The style I have been loving the most is the mock one, that basically elongate your neck and allow you to be more free with your hair (first world problem I know ). I simply find it far more chic and easy to style ,but in general I love to style them up. Under blazers ,under shirts or summer dresses.

MONO 1461

This September I finally take the plunge and bought the so famous Dr. Martens 1461 in mono black . I have been talking about them non stop in the blog .wearing them non stop irl and I could not be happier with them . I recommend them to anybody . They required a little time to break them in but once you pass that ,they are a dream. So easy to style ,I wear them with an all black outfit and a more fun pair of socks. I love to wear them with jeans ,with leather pants ,with a more tailored fit trousers or with dresses. They really are the perfect pair of shoes in my opinion.


Anyway, I hope you like this little blogpost guys and I will see you soon!

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