Hi guys ! How are you doing today ?

I hope you are all doing well, considering the strangest fucking year of our whole life (probably ).

Today I want to share with you something I never do ,a full face of make up!

As you guys probably already know ,I never do make u and I am decently not good at it but since It is my 30 birthday soon , I wanted to recreate a look I would love to rock .

In some form the complete opposite of what I usually do : two or three makeup product and that’s that. Since we are finally approaching autumn and winter I though about giving you tips and tricks on how to use this look also as an easy winter makeup look.



The first thing I am gonna do ,is to prepare my skin and since the temperature is dropping low ,I always use a rich daily moisturizer and the only trick I do differently than the summer months is that I do not let the cream to dry out to start applying the cc cream. In the summer months I have to let cream sink in and dry out otherwise it will create a mess and dirty anything I put on top . This little step can be avoid in the winter time because it actually help my skin be more luminous and it gives the look and overall highlighted look from within ,the classic ” skincare luminosity ” rather than the makeup one . Let me explain that .

Skincare and in particular products that we use ti hydrate our skin ,contain oils and hyaluronic particles and usually they are packed in serums and creams forms . So ,for the nature of these products , and the wya they are provided to use ,they give our skin a very natural and youth glow from within without having us applied any kind of luminare or highlighter ,and that’s to me is one of the best way to enhance our skin and our texture . This kind of skincare prep ,I we can call it so , allows us to create and overall soft focused effect with less product ,in the most natural way.

Don’t get me wrong ,there is nothing wrong with a more full coverage base ,I am just telling you what I like to achieve .

My favorite product when I want. a flawless skin without having to cake it up ,is my beloved It Cosmetics CCcream . If you ,like me, love a light base ,cream and dewy that let your skin shine trough look no forward because this is the gem . The key and what I always love to do ,it is to create the lightest base possibile and correct with the most precise brush we have . Talking about correcting ,I use my beloved Hourglass camouflage concealer : gel texture ,high coverage combo of dreams right here. The price is high but the quality is on point. If you ,like me don’t have an oily skin type , would be done with the base preparation because I never use powder , so I don’t have one to recommend to you . In particular ,I wouldn’t use one in the winter period but you do you .





As you guys probably already know if you follow me for a while, I don’t like smokey eyes and I am not capable but , since I turn 30 I want to give my two friends I have left ,that I am actually capable of achieve something in my life so why don’t start with a smokey eyes ?!

The key is to blend ,blend like there’s no tomorrow, which considering the year we are living in it could actually be possibile . I was blessed with the most popular eye color ever ,bori sorry brown. So I have the tremendous fortune of being able to play with whatever color shadow I want to . I guess when god was doing me was really struggling in deciding whatever give me no tittis or boring eyes ,but here I am chatting about makeup so ,thank you god for the intelligence too ! Joking aside ,I love the teals and the greens and the blue so I choose this particular color from my favorite palette of all time by Anastasia Beverly Hills and Jackie Ania called sponsored which is this amazing duo-chrome that shifts from green to burnt orange. So basically is an eyeshadow that do its works on its own and I don’t have to do anything . But ,if you like me ,don’t do well at smokey eye, I just suggest to layer thin layers and blend ,Layer and blend. The most easy way is to try .and use a really light hand . That is how I actually started and learnt. Making mistakes.


As much important as the eyes ,are the brows. Never though I would have ever said something like this ,but here I am ,apparently I am this kind of person now, doing brows. But let me explain , when we are doing a stronger eye look ,brows can really make the difference and enhance the look. I don’t love ,as always ,anything too harsh so as always , I use a light hand with brows too. The product I love to use is my Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Wiz in the shade taupe and I would recommend it to you if you ,like me don’t want an overdone look or an strange brow because it is not too creamy so that it allows you to draw thin strokes and having the perfect neutral undertone it helps you to create the perfect brow hairs . Nothing usually go well and smooths on the first try, but the first time I ever draw with this ,I was such at how much of an artist I have been all of my life and never knew, Picasso who ?!


To hump up the brow game I usually go over with the gel ,same color ,same line but this allows me to create texture and fake hairs ,creating dimensions ,shadows and basically giving the impression of having much more brow hairs than how much I actually have.


For a more dramatic look like this ,a more dramatic lashes are necessary . That doesn’t mean we have to go falsh lashes because let’s be honest , I am not capable of even getting next to them. But more volumizing mascaras are our best friends in these cases . In this particular scenario ,my beloved Marc Jacob velvet noir which provides not only volume and drama but also length and doesn’t fall.




As a classic rule for when we do a strong eye look , is to keep the rest pretty toned down ,so I choose my favorite nude blush from Jouer, with is the classic “oh crap I just spent my money on this nothing ?” in the pan and the “OH MY GOD THOSE ARE MY CHEEKS !!?” on the face . I use this duo every time I want something neutral and not too in your face ,because it creates the perfect soft shadow, carving the cheek bones and at the same time giving a soft touch of pink.


As for the bronzer ,the situation is the same so I want to stay neutral in the undertone area but still giving my face some shadows and structure in the most natural way. The key is finding a good not too warm not too redish bronzer in the undertone (a more yellow one would be perfect actually ). My favorite bronzer right now is by Nars ,the latest addiction to their collection called Paradise Found . Not only it smells like pina colada which is the best and most soothing smell ever but also it is the most creamy and smooth powder ever . The texture is like velvet and it blends like butter ,what else ?




For the last part of the look which is lips ,I wanted to stay again ,nude but not the classic Kim k concealer lips. When you go nude the key is ,again ,to create shadow and enhance our natural features .In this case it depends on the undertone of your lips : in my case I love a more red\ pink undertone to enhance my lips and their shapes . Some maybe should go more brown as undertone ,some maybe more yellow.

The lip pencil of choice to me is the so famous Charlotte Tilbury Pillow talk lip cheat ,the perfect not too creamy lip pencil that can give me Kyle Jenner lips in 5 minus and no injections. If you love the more full and plump lips, I suggest to go over it with any kind of lipgloss . This combo really create a full new set of lips ,the better one if you ask me .


I f you want to go bolder and really hump up the look ,you can always play with the green tones or the mustards tones of the eyes and use a red lipstick with a more orange undertone to play contrast and enhance the green tones ,or a more vampy lip to contrast the mustards shades of the eyes.

There are so many scary things in the world that playing with makeup shouldn’t be one. That is said by someone who literally wear makeup once a week but ,hey when I do , I play hard.

That is it for today folks, let me know what you think and I will see you soon !

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