Hi guys! How are you doing today ? I hope you are all doing great considering this strange and, should go that far and the adventurous ,time .

Please stay safe and wear your masks . That’s the only thing we can do the help each other out.

End of my ted talk .

Today I wanted to share with you a couple of favorites profiles of mine.

I thought about starting this little rubrica or serie of mine where I would share with you. some of my favorites bloggers ,instragrammers and so on. In this full of hate world ,seems only nice to me to share the love and my appreciation for some of these women.

The queen of the queen is Mariah . All of you I am sure will already know her but I though about share with you how much I admire her because I think even tho she is big ,she deserve a lots more .

To me she is a truly well incarnated artist at full 360 degrees . Her work with photography and post production is pure Avantgarde and the way she interpreted beauty is like any other artist do ,to me.

I could stay here and write about how Wonderfull she is but I highly suggest you just click the link I left below and watch with your eyes what she is capable of.

Thank me later !



The second gem I discovered recently is this amazing make up artist : she is basically a goddess . To me she looks like an exotic beauty and I love the way she apply makeup In such an original and non conventional way .

She does the most amazing looks, a juicy skin with a more sculptured and iconic eye look . She will become huge but I think she deserve a lots more right now considering how talented and consistent she is .

It’s like she has everyday something new and exciting to share without making you feel like you have to have a particular item or palette or brush (and that’s something I always admire in an artist \influencer \ blogger ) .



The last recommendation is a new gem I discovered on insta . I think she is going to be big and amazing . Her style is classic with a twist .

She’s does these amazing macro shots without making them non personal or boring : her insta to me is like reading vogue ,seeing beautiful edited images and letting me inspired by them .

You can already see how much potential she got in her works and I just can’t wait to see her growing .https://www.instagram.com/vanillakimchi.jpg/


I highly encourage you to go check these ladies out and let me feel loved ever more !

I will see you soon guys!

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  1. I’ll definitely check these accounts!! Thanks for sharing new influencers. It’s always nice to see people empowering and uplifting others! Keep up the great work and have a lovely day!

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