Hi guys! How are you doing today?

Today I want to share with you a little blogpost about glitters!

Let me explain, how a girl like me with zero skills in makeup can use and, let me tell you, rock glitters!

The key word is : a little bit goes a very very long way.

The texture and the dimensions of the particles need to be on point otherwise we are going to get in trouble.

Glitters reflect when the fotons hit them and sparkle by reflection. The more the are big the more they will reflect light but a more chunk piece of it, is more difficult to manage and to blend.

So where the truth stands?

As always, in the middle.

One brand that has done this job really well is nabla cosmetics. I use this quad called Miami lights and I found it super easy to use.

The key element are the bigger and the smaller size particles blend in together so that the overall all texture is easy to apply but it does not lose to sparkle factor of it.


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