Hi guys! How are doing today ? I hope you are all doing great in this crazy crazy time.September has always been an amazing month for me ,I don’t know exactly why but it makes me feel like some sort of exited by the future , a sort of new beginning . I think is something I kept in my mind by the school days but if something makes me feel this way I am really not mad about it !Let’s talk together about this monthly favorites ,shall we?


Tenet . OH MY GOD WHAT A FILM THAT WAS. No spoilers of course ,but if you haven’t seen it ,I highly recommend it ! It is the usual Nolan style, the kind of movie you will need to see three or fourth time and the kind of love it or hate it thing.I am definitely going to see it again but the concept and the originality behind it is mind blowing to me. It is all based on time traveling and the theory of how we can disturb the past if we travel the time and space dimension.I am not going to talk more about it but the costumes and the protagonists were amazing and although it lasts for 2 and half hour it really soaks in your eyes fast.I have spoken about Seinfeld in the last favorites and I am still obsessed about it and probably I will never get back to who I was before Seinfeld ,that’s how amazing this show has became to me. But since I am forcing myself to watch something new and then I have started the other mile stone comedy in the history of tv shows ,Cheers .I can already feel myself loving it and I really enjoy the old fashion of course as far as how modern that show was in the 80s . It is a wonderfully made comedy and I don’t love it as much as Seinfeld right now but we will see after eleven seasons.


The first favorites in this category are my new amazing Dr. Martens . I just bought them after seeing them for months and months but I am still in love with them every year and every month and every day of my life .I have always been a doc kind of girl and I think I will always be. This particular type has definitely take that love on another level . I have already spoke about them in my latest blog so I am not gonna spend too much worlds on them but I think they really are my favorite type of all time.As for the Dr. Marten ,I have already spoke about my new Birkenstock’s and how obsessed I am . They are basically the winter version of my sandals ,my favorites sandals ever . The way they fit and how comfortable they are makes them unbeatable .


This month favorite rather than a product is a brand in itself and of course I am talking about Nabla. Again ,I have already spoke about it in my blog , but I just wanted to mention it because I am still enjoying it everyday and will do for a long time.I love when you find such a great brand at such an amazing quality price ratio and that’s to me is what counts the most. I know I have already spoke about it but as you guys already know ,I really love to speak about what I love and I love to use it to death.


The recipe I have been really loving this months is a new way of eating vegetables and in particular ,one that usually I don’t really love a lot. I am talking about cauliflower ,but not in the easy way so just boiled but fried .What a surprised that something fried instantly becomes really tasty but I am telling you , I love this recipe so much and is the easiest way of cooking for when I want something not super healthy so I take a slightly good compromise and that’s a better way for me to eat. That’s it for today guys and I will see you soon!

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