Hi guys! How are you doing today? I hope you are doing great mentally and emotionally.

Today I want to share with you another simple look created with only two makeup pieces.

I am loving experimenting with this serie and trying out new way of using my make up collection.

The two item for today are my favorite combo to wear on a daily basis and although it is very similar to the first combo I have shown you the end result is very different.

For the main product I choose my beloved nars bronzer, a very neutral undertone bronzer with less orange in it. The consistency is like butter and it blends like a dream. I applied it on the lid and on the cheeks and it gives the face a very sature but still sculpted look with a bronze and tan effect.

The other product of choice Is one of my favorite lip pencil from Charlotte tilbury in the shade iconic nude. To keep the nude and neutral undertone of the overall look but still keep it sculpted in a very natural way.

I hope you guys are enjoying this little series of two products one look and of course as always don’t forget to leo me know which is your favorite one and what product would you use instead.

See you soon folks!

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