Hi guys,How are you doing today ? I hope you are all doing great and are exciting as much as me by autumn and its all glory.

Today I want to share with you how my body and my mind change in this particular change of season and show you what I particularly love to do.

Here in Italy the temperature is the biggest change ,not so much in the day time ,rather in the evening where it becomes colder and the drop of grades touch the perfect spot that makes your sleeping time the most amazing you will ever experience all year long. You only need a light linen sheet to cover your body and in the morning it gets chilly so that you starts to enjoy the warmth of the first coffe more and the first dew appears on the grass.

I decided to split this little post in categories so ,let’s roll!


The key word here it’s only one : layer. The most exciting part of getting dress in this particular transitional period is the fun of mixing textures and forms . Layering is the most fun and interesting part of the process because it allows you to combine two elements and a-line them creating contrast that enhance them or making them clash in the most equilibrate way . The first item I cannot wait to wear most is my beloved second hand Burberry trench : the tailored and structured fit of it in contrast with more feminine items and creating contrast of lines and curves. Matisse inspired designers and look if you want : contrasting of forms and how the light hits them allows the overall figure to emerge and work as a triumph of equilibrated view.

The tailored fit of the trench ,the hard lines of the shoulder and the folds of the collar plays with the light and gives my figure a masculine and oversized shadow and when that happen ,I like to create a surprises effect . A feminine and more sexy touch to let my inner woman energy still shine trough . That is my favorite way of express myself.

Styling pieces together allows me to find new way and new combinations to play around and find new parts of me that feel more themself in those.

That is what I love the most about fashion and clothes, the liberty of expression.

Another combination I love is my leather jacket and how it contrast well with silk satin shirts. I love how the two materials clash together and it creates ,as I have already said a thousand time before ,an interesting contrast . How the light acts in respond of different materials and how the different texture sits on my body is the most experimental and exciting part of it.

As a quick mention ,talking about black smooth leather and satin silky materials, is the similar contrast that my beloved Dr. Martines black mono create with some of my favorites silky and cottony socks.

The pleasure and creative fulfillment that provides putting two different items together and how it Burts your creativity juices is something that autumn and this particular period , will always gives me .


The autumn season has a huge impact on my makeup routine and the biggest change is in the color palette of choice. I love to keep the tone and undertone in the yellow and orange range but in a more muted way .

The transitions shade are less leaning toward terracotta or terra of Siena and more toward mustard and pumpkin orange . The color payoff is more muted and less bold.

The falling leafs and the green that leaves the trees and the grasses around us inspired the more grey undertone and the green becomes olive and more dark, the yellow become mustard and the bronzi gold becomes an antique one.

I also love to play around with cool tone eyeshadow ,so the transition action is colored in grays and violets and purples and blues and they all very lightly define the crease without letting our eye area be doll or dark in the lightest of the touch with a big and fluffy blending brush that does all the work.

The sun has done its works and the skin tends to look a little bit dry sometimes and although the summer tan is something we don’t want to let go ,for now, the key words are : exfoliation ,hydration and a more dewy and glowing base without the heaviness of too much concealer . We let the more orange toned blush that remains in our summer makeup bag do the talking and the rest is history .

Lips are no exception and scrubbing and moisturizer are their best friends. Gloss tents to light up their texture and prepare them for the colder months. The red are less cherry and became true brick . The warmth tie together the eyes and the cheeks and we let the sun go to sleep for a while ,letting our skin regenerate after those hot months.

That’s it for today guys and I will see you soon !

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