Hi guys! How are you doing today ?I hope you are all doing well .

Today I want to share with you some recent looks I have created using my new Nabla Cosmetics makeups bits I have shown you in my latest blog . 

The warmth of the tones are still a must in the transitional period that goes from summer to autumn and we are trying to incorporate the mustards and the olive greens in the more terracotta shades . 

Everything is softly blended in and kept more interesting by adding a sparkle on the lower lashes rather than in the inner part of lid.

Neuatral is ,as always the key world for an everyday look ,but the blend ability factor of these shades and the lasting power are no joke.

The night are made for glitters and the richness of the antique gold is well equilibrated with the mustard yellow in the crease ,blending it towards the brow with the most amazing warm brown to add that modern touch. The shade of the gold chosen inspire us and project us in the more olive green fields that we are drown towards immediately as the temperatures drop down but still not there yet, we are still blinking in the summer tan and nothing could work better with our skin.
Only the brave but maybe we can all try one day so that red as fire don’t scared us at all as we choose to blend in the crease this amazing and romantic rosso pompeiano and blend it in with the most Wonderfull orange terracotta shade to create what the Greek would have probably called perfection . Being creative and being bold don’t have to scared us ,but to inspire. Be your own muse.

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