Hi guys! How are you doing today ? I hope you are doing great ! What are you up tp this weekend ?I tried to dig in the world of cool toned eyeshadows!I know ,who even am I ?Don’t know if it is all about the cold months coming up or what but why not trying to play with more cool toned shadows and ,as you guys ca already tell from me, I am definitely it a cool toned shades but let’s do for once in a life time something new!There have been a few post on my Instagram feed and a few makeup tutorials recently with more cool toned shadows and palette so I collect all of my favorite stuff and try to play with it.I created two looks which I must say and really like how they turned out.

for the first look I use the oh so famous mercury retrograde palette from Huda beauty
For the second look I use one of my favorite Anastasia Beverly Hills palette
I decided to stay with the more violet Grey area of the spectrum of the eyeshadows and I create a two different look.

  1. Taking a big fluffy blending brush I apply the neutral with a cold undertone crease shade as an all over the lid messy situation . This is the classic look took 2 minutes maximum and still look good . An all over the lid with a good dose of mascara ,a same toned blush and we are good to go . The most perfect blush is the adore duo blush by Jouer Cosmetics ,it is the classic “looks like nothing in the pan ” but gives your look the most perfect finishing touch . Its is a necessity in my makeup look ,that product you know you can trust and you will always need one day. With look like this I love to play with the lips especially if I have to stay out in the evening and I love to add a pop of color but keeping it still in the cold toned family with a fuchsia blu undertone . I love how easy and effective this kinda look is.

2. For the second look I tried to give a little bit more structure and dimensions. With a pointed tip brush ,the more precise the better I create a soft crease ,just a trace that would mimic my natural crease lid and we need to use a little and more precise brush to create in the most easy way a smokey out line on my non mobile lid to give a soft liner effect. We are not trying to get precision because we will blend veering out . Let’s the color make the talking and let’s play we the Anastasia Beverly Hills Norvina palette. I really like how it turned out and honestly it is the most easy makeup look ever, the key is just to blend and blend and keep the contrast soft but define. To make the architecture of the lines stand out more a good clean base is kind of necessary and I create my own using the good old Hourglass concealer ,the most creaseless and full coverage I own . Having to play with a completely different kind of shade spectrum is kind of funny and what I love the most is the different construction of tone that follow the eyeshadows . So we won’t use an orange based blush but a more neutral one, the lips while be more pinky nude and less brown or terra-cotta inspired.All of the element we use are linked together to create the most cohesive look. We don’t need to be matchy matchy but to be equilibrate in the most natural and less harsh way .I find this kind of look so chic and classic but still modern with a little adjustment in the base area : more luminous less powdery ,less blush more bronzer .I love playing with makeup although in this kind of world I often feel overwhelmed and uninspired when I see everything has already be done and I don’t feel capable enough compared to so amazing talented girl so sometimes switching things up is nice to reconnect and to maybe be more useful for you guys and still feel like myself without pretending to teach anything new .Let’s keep it all about the fun aspect of it !I hope you find this kind of interesting and to inspired some of you to play with new and different techniques or shadow and I will see you soon guys !

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