Hi guys! How are you doing today ? I hope you are all doing well!

I have just come back from my road trip trough Italy and while I collect all the info of the trip and organized a huge blog post about it ,I want to to share with you a few of out fit Inspo.

Since unfortunately summer is almost over ,I wanted to do more of a integrated ootds Inspo: How I add a few touches on my summer outfits and make them more autumn appropriate .

As you guys may already know I love a very linen base and simple structured outfit in the summer months and I also love breathable and light materials ,shocking I know! But since we are getting more and more towards more chilled evening ,I find myself having to add few layering pieces more and more.

A classic ootd is my favorite ,comfort long linen trousers and a nice cotton top. I find this outfit so easy to style and there are so many variation but still looks good and feels even better. The first item I like to add to any kind of ootd is a white crisp linen or satin shirt. As you can see I love an all out linen fest on my body but is just too easy too style in the hot months.

A shirt like this is perfect as a more slouchy over shirt slash jacket ,over a nice dress or over a nice cotton top ,or by itself . It is the most versatile and most stylish piece you can add to your wardrobe for this period.

To maintain the linen vibe and to add a layer over our ootd is a blazer and of course a classic black and slightly oversized one is a must ,but ,again since we are In summer time ,I love add a linen layer with this old love toned blazer from Zara . I love that is just a neutral vibe but still gives you color and add a little touch of texture. Of course, perfect over basically everything and since is this neutral toned green is super easy to style without having the risk to clash colors . Another amazing piece I love to add is my beloved white double breasted blazer again from Zara . Is super old but I always love to bust it out in the hotter months.

Another touch I like to play around with in the summer months are foulard or light and satin scarfs. I love play with this piece of materials in the colder evenings and using them as a nice little cuddle for my neck and back and although this is nothing groundbreaking ,is an accessorize I love to add to a maybe all black or all white outfit and I think it definitely change the game . I love that you can choose one or two in very different texture and color to maybe style up to any kibe of ootd or ootn.

Last but not least ,socks. I know socks can be a difficult subject and maybe a slightly not so loved one but I absolutely loved them . I love how you can add a little touch of any ootd and change the game how you want it. I know socks and birkestocks are not the one for a lots of people ,personally I love add a good pair of socks to my sandals in the summer evening or just those days when it is not so hot and once my feet are warm , I am good.

Of course I am styling my Birkenstock’s with a white cotton socks but you can also play around with a more lace or satin socks for those nitghs out and style up your favorites heels sandals.

I obiuosvly would add a nice cardigan , a nice jumper or a nice gilet to any kind of outfits but I wanted to give you guys some kind of different and maybe not so obiuovs idea for your looks and ootds and I hope as always to have maybe inspired some of you and let me know what are your favorite style types and I will see you soon guys!

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