Hi guys ! How are you doing today ? Today I wanted to talk with you and share with you my latest makeup item and a sort of brand review : NABLA

Nabla is an Italian brand founded by an amazing makeup artist https://www.instagram.com/mrdanielmakeup/?hl=it. He is one of the founder of the brand and I am sure a lots of you already know him so let’s jump in the review !

I was super excited to try something of everything from this brand ,although I had already try some its eyeshadow years ago ,this time I wanted to have a good look over all of the categories and share my impression with you.

The first thing I wanted to try were the glittery quad ,from the Miami collection and let me tell you ,they didn’t disappoint! They are amazing top coat to any kind of eyeshadow but also amazing on their own. It’s a quad very useful and versatile that I love using as a bling in my inner corner and as an amazing top coat over any shade . The texture is buttery , creamy and easy to apply with the minimum fall out .

It is something so fun and easy to use I just love it so much and would absolutely recommend.

The other items I have tried are the palette and I was extremely drowned to them by the color story and unique feel. I love how strange but in a good way this stories are and how an original sense of color scheme they tell. They really make you feel of different colors in a new way you probably would have never thought out before.

In a world where is so difficult to see something new and is so difficult to be original ,seeing something like this is really inspiring . The clashing and the contrast of two different shade that enhance each other rather than clash out.

I will try them out more and more in the next few months and I will create more look using them . Till then I want to finish this little round about with the blush and the bronzer and how these two really blow my mind . What is really incredible about them is the formula : the glass skin like effect and the luminous glance without the texturized effect on the wrinkle and lines of the epidermis . You can work them like butter ,the creaminess and the blendability factors are incredible ,the cherry on the top of yet amazing cake.

The shade numbers and spectrum is amazing and the variety is really well sorted and that is never something to underestimate nowadays . The blush shades are full of life ,the application is soft like air and enhance the complexion giving life and the most soft focus flush.

The packaging is well located in the middle of a good price range and an amazing quality products keeping the ambient in consideration .

I really suggest you check this brand out because I think is really good quality at an amazing price point ! Let me know what you think guys and if have tried anything from Nabla and I will see you soon !






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