Hi guys! How are you doing today ? I hope you are all doing fine and to day I wanted to share with you my first blogpost about the little road trip I did in the middle of Italy this summer .

We travel trough the center region of Italy especially Umbria and a little bit of Tuscany. In this blogpost I will talk about Umbria and what west and where we stayed .

We travel trough Marche ,did a little stop of one night seeing Urbino in the near Fermigliano just because you cannot not see Urbino ,It is too beautiful in my humble opinion but since it was just a night I am not gonna talk too much about it, but just so you know I highly recommend you check it out in case you go near by. As a first night step for split up the trip I think it is just perfect since it is little and not too crowded and you can basically visit it in one day .


Norcia and Castelletto di Norcia was a must for me to go and see visit not only for the beauty of the landscape and the cities but also because of the witnesses these place embrace in how sad and important it is to not forget those place. A terrific earthquake hit this place in 2016 and since then these place leave in the rubbles and ruins of thei own buildings. As someone who loves so much her country ,seeing all of this was heartbreaking and important to see because you have to keep your eyes open , be open minded and conscious. Norcia is an amazing little Borgo ,but seeing all of it distracted by the earthquake left your heart heavy and all of the near area is full of this bittersweet underline of seeing something so beautiful being left by itself without someone taking care of it as it should deserve. I highly recommend you go and stop and see it because it is important to talk about it and to have people be more and more conscious about it.

Leaving Norcia we drove for 40 minutes to Catelluccio di Norcia and is not so much of the beauty of the place itself but more the landscape ,especially in the spring season is an explosion of colors and flowers and it must be amazing to drive trough this paradise. For the three days we were in the area we stayed in the most magical place I could ever find ,called Agruturismo le due Querce near Cerreto di Spoleto https://www.booking.com/hotel/it/agriturismo-le-due-querce-cerreto-di-spoleto.it.html.

I cannot recommend this place enough you guys: if you want to relax to the maximum and eat km zero in the most magical place ,you have to stay here at least two night. The staff is young and full of life and activities ,they control all of the structure ,the food ,the vegetables and the animals . It is a nice old house with a few rooms ,with all food and cheese produced by themself so you can imagine how delicious the breakfast and the dinner meal are . The fact that there is wifi but the phone doesn’t have line to me was a fantastic feature to help me relax to the max . There also are amazing walks to do in the area around and really immerse yourself in this sanctuary zone. We left so satisfied and rejuvenated fro this place I cannot wait to turn back as soon as possible.


Our trip continue with Gubbio, which is another little Medieval gem on a little hill and I highly recommend you go visit it not in the hottest hours because is strutted on a hill and so it can become quite the task to walk around and with the sun straight up shine on you and 40 °C it is not so much of a pleasure . But I highly suggest you can and visit it and while we were staying there we stayed at the beautiful and new Tenuta del colle (https://www.tripadvisor.it/Hotel_Review-g187906-d15359750-Reviews-Tenuta_del_Colle_Farm_Stay-Gubbio_Province_of_Perugia_Umbria.html). I cannot recommend this place enough ,since we were car tripping this was seriously one of the highlights of out trip. It is this amazing structure in the middle of nothing with a view over Gubbio . The rooms are an interior designer slash architect dream ,the small details works wonderfully with the old style of the room walls ,the bathroom is just as amazing as the rest and the structure is just at the beginning and they are quickly adding new features to the overall . I love staying there and I was really sorry I had to stay just one night. The persons are super nice and gentle and they also offered us a nice aperitivo under their amazing chestnut . It was amazing staying there and I will absolutely come back.

The following days we make our way trough Umbria ,stopping at Todi . I never saw this magical place and I highly recommend if you are around to stop and spent a day in it ,because I really do think is worth a visit . Unfortunately I cannot make a recommendation from where I stayed but I would still absolutely recommend the city. The amazing cathedral and the old romanic structure of the city is just a triumph of a pleasure for the eyes.


After Todi we made our way to Orvieto ,another wonderfull city in the south of Umbria. The Duomo of Orvieto is an absolute treasure to see . You have to stop and let yourself get lost with your nose up in the air,letting the beauty infuse your soul and fill your eyes to the maximum . We stop for lunch at this amazing panineria https://www.tripadvisor.it/Restaurant_Review-g194843-d10769336-Reviews-Piccola_Panineria_del_Corso-Orvieto_Province_of_Terni_Umbria.html ,let you stomach breath before you go in and prepare yourself for another level panino. Absolutely recommend this little spot for lunch or dinner .

While we were visiting Orvieto we stayed at this little and rural agriturismo called Il Poggio https://www.booking.com/hotel/it/agriturismo-il-poggio-di-orvieto.it.html ,an amazing little old casolare in true Italian style with a lots of little kittens rolling around ,a nice and super gentle staff ,a nice pool and a lots of little relaxing spots where you can read or enjoy a nice glass of wine under an olive tree and enjoy the silence that will surround you. The food and the kitchen are also amazing and I still remember this particular apetaizer which was sliced cheek of pork roasted and served with tomato sauce and a hint of vinegar ,to contrast the fatty factor of the meat ,I know like this doesn’t sound appealing but I am telling you ,it was delicious.


The last couple of day were truly magical to me because I love and will always keep in my heart the amazingness of Tuscany landscape ,the shadows and the lights ,the curves and the lines all combined in this amazing views where every little details and tree create and obstacle lights defines . I love and adore this place and will always be my favorite. I highly recommend you just drive around and just admire at the beautiful place and immerse yourself in all its glory . During the last few days we stayed at this amazing place called Agriturismo Barbi . It is basically an old casolare ,in truly Italian style with the old doors ,the old windows and we were absolutely lucky enough to have this huge apartment for us and we enjoy this place so much we decided to go shopping food for the two nights we stayed and prepare our dinner on the terrace and enjoy the sunset and the night with a good bottle of red wine and some cheese and salumi. AMAZING . Definitely one of the highlights of the all trip !http://www.agriturismobarbi.it

I highly suggest you guys stay here if you will ever come around this zone!

Italy is my country and I will forever love it even if there are so many wrong and difficult things that ruin here but it will foe rev be my home and the most amazing place ever.

I hope you guys find some of these information useful and I hope you will come to visit this little gem .

I will see you soon guys and let me know where have you been in the comment below !

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