Hi guys ! How are you doing today ! I hope you are all doing great ,today I want to share with you this makeup look I saw on hung vanngo YouTube channel and I absolutely loved it.


As you probably already know Hung Vanngo is an incredible makeup artist who grew up in Canada after moving from Vietnam and started working as a makeup artist in a very unique way . There is something so classic and yet so avant guard when you look at his works that makes him stand out and recognizable . I first discover him trough his work on Selena Gomez and what instantly draw me to follow him was how ethereal and goddess like his works are. The skin is so breathable , you can see textures and wrinkles in a jucy ,healthy and youthful way . His works aim to make every woman feel like. agonies ,to enhance every single feature and every work is made special for every client ,making his talent recognizable and yet different every time.

I think that is definitely the major challenge for an artist ,to be able to change and mute without losing his or her identity .

He uses a lots of cream and light weight products to create a soft and gentle base ,enhancing the skin and giving the most youthful look possible. Overall cream and spot on powder look is a great way to have a long lasting effect without giving up on the luminosity of a creamy base. Creamy products can melt down really quickly and this is a way of making the most out of them.

For the eyes he often uses again creamy or crayon pencil ,with a great blend ability factor and still a long lasting power. Wing looks are kind of his piece de resistance ,they can be smokey or more precise or full all over the lid with a more dramatic and 60s kind of effect,giving the eyes a sultry effect in the most natural or dramatic way. He definitely know how to make a woman feel sexy and cool as hell.

To create my base I use mostly creamy products and my favorites one are from Nudestix . I have already spoke about them a lots, and I don’t want to bother you guys again and again but just so you know i highly recommend them to you guys they are creamy ,buttery and blendable as hell ,they create a sheer and soft focus effect . The most amazing thing is how easy it is to apply them and blend them and how they leave a luminous base in the most natural way.

The complexion I use is a mixture of my favorite it cosmetics cc cream ,because it provides the most amazing luminosity effect and has a decent coverage and I love the combination of this with this amazing bronzer nudestix.

Bronzer and blush are complementary to each other ,and since we are going to go bronzy on the eyes I would probably choose a coral peachy blush as Hung Vanngo did ,using the most Wonderfull gel like texture wise coral blush in a super natural luminous effect ,the one that skincare products usually provides . The texture is light and blend in so smoothly that once you have done blending you barely even notice any trace of it but give such a huge difference in the over all look. Bronze as well is an all over the face big fluffy brush kind of situation ,we don’t want any hard line ,no contour ,the cheeks are enanhce by the color of the blush and the bronzer in the most warm and sun kissed look effect. The over all look is a bronzy goddess luminous look with no line or definition of when a product starts and where it ends.

I do not own a true peachy blush so I use a light hand of my Chantecaille blush with a big fluffy brush. I would highly recommend something creamy texture wise to keep the complexion all cream base and there a lots of peachy blush . I would love to try the one made by em cosmetics or physician formula which I saw so many beauty guru raving about .

I don’t find my blush is disturbed by my nudestix bronzer and vice versa so I am good to go but I would suggest you apply it with the lightest of the hand.

Something I like to so kind of set my bronzer is apply a light hand of powder bronzer with a big fluffy blush to enhance the over all bronzy look and in this case it works wonderfully.

The key here is to have a luminous effect and a point precise mattefyng touch. I don’t own a particular powder but I am saving to parched the Pat Mcgraf one which is so expensive but I think will be worth it. No matter which powder you own ,the key is to apply it with a eye brush ,so you can really be super precise and the fluffier the better cause we only want to set in particular area without caking it up.

Brows are full ,fluttery , bushy and natural . Depending on your brows situation I would suggest you brush gently trough them with a clear gel ,I would Love to have the kind of brows that would allow me to do that a ,let me tell you! But ,since I am not one of those lucky one I need to slightly fill them in using a pencil, I love the old school Anastasia Beverly Hills one ,the tip is super fine and the marks it creates are the most natural you could ever ask for. I love it. I have yet to try the all soap brow thing but knowing myself I far too lazy for that kind of technique so I am gonna probably pass on that.

Eyes are the most natural bronzy messy smokey look you could ever ask for ,the crease are basically not even touched and you could blend the shimmery eyeshadow all up in your brows ,this would give you an over all messy and edge look but still being soft . Nothing strong or super defined ,we want a glow but not super defined one in the most effortless way. This kind of looks allow us the make some mistakes but still making it works so I don’t know know what you think about that but to me this is just the best cause as you guys already know , I am a fucking mess .

For this kind of look I would recommend a cream pod like the old bad to the bronze by maybelline ,or a stick formula one ,there are so many amazing one either from the drugstores and the high end stores. I what I have which is the perfect bronze shade from ana stadia Beverly Hills norvina palette because I wanted a true cold bronzer with nothin too warm in it.

Lashes have volume and length so that we bring back some definition in the eye look and we don’t lose our sultry effect in all of these amazing bronzy paradise we just created. I use the Marc Jacob velvet noir mascara which I must say although at the beginning I wasn’t a huge fan of ,it has really growing on me and now I absolutely love it . Maybe not the most long lasting one but the effect is really amazing. I must learn to really wait a few weeks of using before judging a mascara because the formula really changes a lots.

Lips are a hard subject for me because I have none of them and I would love to have them big and full but oh well we can always overdraw them like crazy . Hung Vanngo on Emrata of course didn’t need to do that and create the most perfect nude peachy lip combo but since I am not her unfortunately I use my Charlotte Tilbury iconic nude just on my bottom lips to create a soft shadow giving the illusion of having bigger and fuller lips. As an over all color I didn’t own a peachy nude lipliner so I mix a little but of my Patrik ta lipliner and a little bit of my hula beauty lipstick to create a nude more warm and less pink. As the finishing touch I apply my Nars laguna lip oil although it has some particles of gold glitter in it it is too perfect for this look to not use it.


I am going to create an Igtv so I am gonna link it down below ,let me know if you try this look and I will see you soon guys!








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