HHi guys ! How are you doing today ? I hope you are all doing well ! Today I want to share with you my latest favorites of the month.

I can’t believe how is it already September but I am not gonna lie ,I kind of love the idea of having autumn around the corner. As much as I love summer , I definitely prefer those colder months ,snuggling up on the sofa with a blanket and having actually the buses to not go out due to the cold ,lol!


The first absolute must this month but I think it can be easily settled in the all time favorite category is Seinfield (https://www.imdb.com/title/tt0098904/ ). This show was a reccomandation by an amazing woman , Giulia Valentina(https://www.instagram.com/giuliavalentina/?hl=it ) who is an Italian content creator that I follow and admire so much and she talks about this show a lots as one of her favorites so I was like ok , I need to watch it and it didn’t disappoint .This show talks about Jerry ,the protagonist and his life with his friends . Honestly I think if you enjoy something like Friends ,you will absolutely loved this one . They navigate life with humor and sarcasm and I think they all are amazing in this own way.

On a completely different level I finished watching Dark ,which is an amazing dark and twisted show . It covers quantum physics ,time traveling ,Einsteins theory and all that jazz . It is kind of difficult to follow because there are so many protagonists and time line but in a good way and is the kind of show you need to be focus and curious ,not the one you put on in the background while you hoover the living room but is really really good and I highly suggest you to watch them.


The first and only makeup favorite of this month is my trusty Bendy Avocado concealer (https://www.lookfantastic.it/first-aid-beauty-hello-fab-bendy-avocado-concealer-4.8g-various-shades/11890850.html ) I choose this product as my makeup fav because it has worked well in the hotness and humidity of this period ,while still giving me coverage without the heaviness of some concealer . I have already spoke about it in my previous blogposts so I am not gonna talk a lot about it but just so you know ,this is the perfect light weight concealer ,that gives you the most hydrated under eye area and doesn’t heavy you down .I wore it everyday in my holiday and it lasted perfectly even in the 40 °C and 60 % of humidity that was Italy and I trusted it 100 %. I recommend it even more( if it is even possible ) because it is so easy to use and waterproof ,blends like a dream and in 30 seconds you are good to go.


The first skincare necessity is my beloved new tonic from Pixi (https://www.cultbeauty.com/it/en/pixi-glow-tonic.html ). I love how it doesn’t striped down my skin but still gives me the tonic and exfoliation I need on a daily basis . I have already spoke a lot about it but exfoliation to me is the key element in my skincare and is the one step I cannot live without ,it completely transform my skin and its texture . Due to the fact that we are everyday wearing masks my chin area and jaw line in general are not getting the same amount of air they would usually get ,since my skin isn’t free to breath as usual my pores are getting close and clogged and that leans to more pimples of course ,so I am taking really care of this area and really working this amazing product everyday two times a day . My skin absolutely loves it ,it completely gets any kind of benefits from it and I highly recommend it. I also trying to use my Boscia black anti pore mask in the area I have talked about and the combination of the two helps my skin starting to breath again .

Another amazing product is my all time favorite day time eye cream from Sunday Riley . Again ,I have already spoke about this product a lots but honestly guys, when I spent so much money on a product you bet I am gonna use it and reuse it until it is finished cause if I love it I want to get my cost per wear value back. This eye cream was already a favorite of mine but I particularly enjoy it during this hot hot months because it is the most effective eye cream I have ever tried ,it is light as air ,it absorbed super quickly and you can immediately see results from a week to another. https://sundayriley.com/products/autocorrect-brightening-eye-cream


Another favorite of the month are braids : what a revolution ! I love braids and since I damage my hair so much due to bleaching and trying every single color possible on heart they tend to split up really quickly . I love and try to put them up in a braid as many times as possible to prevent them from split . I love how sweet they look and how easy they are to make ,cause I love me a good old ponytail but sometimes I look myself in the mirror and I am like well hello moon ! Also having your hair in a ponytail all day long is pretty hurtful I must say !

The second favorite in the lifestyle category is fried sage. I know ,strange but omfg I love it! I always wanted to try to do it and I am ufficaly addicted. You just use the same pastella as you would use if you were to make cotoletta or any kind of vegetables and that’s it. I love to eat them as little appetizers or a little comfort food while I am studying but seriously guys ,try them and let me know ! You will not be disappointed !

The last thing I wanted to mention is just poetry and not in the sense of something I have enjoy reading but something I am trying to express. I don’t believe there need to be rules or particular things you need to do or not do ,I just enjoy letting my thought free and rolling them on paper. It is something I enjoy doing just for me and it is quite liberating seeing my thought and trying to articulate them on paper. I wanted to mention this here because I think is something you may be enjoying doing just to free our mind and still exercise it. Letting us being inspired by what is around us and what maybe we wouldn’t have noticed without this process that basically forced us to stop a little and think, and absorb .https://www.instagram.com/p/CElvJGYnknL/?igshid=1g2vkrsuve03h


On a less spiritual level , my obsession with linen hasn’t stop and basically can’t ! As you guys probably can imagine already I have loved to death linen and everything I have already mention like linen shirts and shorts but I maybe be redundant but I absolutely live in the and probably wouldn’t stop any time soon since there is still some summer left !

Anyway guys ,those were the mayor favorites of this strange and short month and I will see you soon ! Let me know which were the favorites for you this months and bring it on September !

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