Hi guys !How are you doing today ? I hope you are doing great! Today I wanted to tell you a little bit about some item I am finding myself wearing everyday ,well not literally but almost if I couldn’t have to wash them. I am going in a few days on a little road trip in the middle of Umbria and Tuscany and I though it could have been a good idea  to show you what I am bringing with me in terms of item and prepare for a lots of ootds on the gram too of wine and insane food and landscapes !


The first item I want to mention and absolutely will live in in the next couple of days are my beloved linen shorts from Zara. I don’t particularly enjoy shopping on fast fashion shops but when it comes to basic pieces like these which I know I will wear and love to death ,the purchased is justify in my opinion and this are no exception . They are slightly high wasted which is absolutely perfect  and light as air which in the summer is all we can dream of. Also since I can get really sweaty and flushed in my inner thigh area I would love to wear shorts shorts but they are so impractical to me and I have to wear something a little longer so that I don’t hurst myself too much . I love this shorts and their shape because they still makes me feel comfortable but they are a little bit more smart and chic so that I feel a little bit more put together and still cute and Indiana jones inspired .

A similar item but in a complete different vibe are another Zara shorts ,in a more tailored fit cut and in a simple black color. A black shorts like these are so versatile and useful for me because I love to dress them up with a nice shirt and a strappy sandals in the evening and dress them down with a simple black t-shirt and a good pair of sneakers. I love to play with classic and elegant piece and wear them down playing and clashing with contrasts . Is something adds so much fun in the process of styling yours outfits and gives you a little bit more creativity . A good basic like this can’t never go wrong.

For those days where I am going to get dirty and sweaty and walking or running I pack with me a good pair nike shorts . They don’t need tp be nike but mine are great because they are light and not too shorts ,they have a lots of little pockets and most important they have a double layer ,one tighter that stick on your legs and prevent the inner thigh to hurt and one more light and comfy for those days you don’t want to show your bum . I love them so much and I have already spoke about them but I can’t rave them enough because I love running and finding these has changed my life.

Another bottom essential is a good old skirt and I choose a long floaty one , slightly pleated and so perfect for a dress up night out. A good skirt is always a good item .



For this category I choose a fewer items but more versatile ones. A must for me are crop top ,they are perfect in the day time with a good pair of shorts or in the evening with a good skirt to dress it down. White would be my color choice in this case because I am sure it will go with basically everything and in the summer months is what I prefer.

A nice white linen shirt is an absolute must to pair with the linen shorts for an all linen chic as fuck evening outfit and as an over all top in the colder evening or in the sea or beach day or over a nice dress or knotted up with a nice skirt. Is the most versatile and comfortable item ever to use as you prefer. I love how user friendly it is cause I don’t have to worry about the crease because that’s just the vibe in linen and there’s nothing better than that. Just don’t have to think about it.

A nice top for the evening is something you can choose from a various and enormous types ,I love to choose something more thigh and sexy cause I can throw over a nice shirt or a blazer if it is really chilly in the evening  and I love the contrast of something really feminin with something more masculine and man like (pass me the term ). You could also use a more lingerie like nice cami or a more structured one . The possibilities are millions .


The first and most important item and probably the one I will wear all the time are my beloved Birkenstock ,I love them so much I made a blogpost all about them and I am gonna link it down below so I am not gonna rumble too too much about them because I just love them so much ,they are all I wear from may to September and I just think they are the most comfortable and Cool shoe ever.

On a very different note ,a nice strappy and minimalist sandals is also something I am gonna pack just for those rare night I will kind of dress up a little bit and want to feel a little bit more sexy . I am definitely not a heels kind of girl but a good chunky heel mule is definitely something I would recommend of you like me want to dress a little bit for a night out but don’t feel comfortable wearing high heels.

The last but not least is a good pair of comfortable sneakers ,those one which you know you can walk miles and miles for hours and will always be confutable and on your side ,they are not gonna give you blisters and will be perfect to get dirty or dust on.

I am alsways on the side of a more comfortable outfits organization and planning ,there’s nothing worst than having a huge pail of clothes we don’t even use or uncofortable shoes we can’t walk in or items that makes us feel exposed or not comfy. When we feel good and comfy we enjoy what we are seeing outside more and we have more fun ,we want to enjoy every minutes of our vacancy and not having to worry about how we look or how our feet hurts.

I am definite gonna share more photos from this little trip and let me know what you would pack and where are you going! I feel very grateful to be able to travel around my country and I am very proud for being a medical doctor ,fighting this pandemic virus ,although the ignorance seems to be unbeatable .

I will see you soon guys !

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