Hi guys! How are you doing today ? I hope you are doing great and today I want to have a more intimate conversation about period and how I manage to stay alive during those horrible first three days.

I always find Period ,although I may sound crazy and psychopath, such a fascinating and interesting event in our life. As a medical student I guess is something that may come natural to me to consider it such a beautiful thing but as a human being ,sometime I just cannot not hating it. I have always had a normal cycle period and my worst days are the first two or three depending of course on month by month because there’s no rules here ,there’s no right or wrong in the pathological limit of course so don’t ever feel like you have something wrong if what I am saying doesn’t resonate with you.

But anyway ,leaving the medical stuff aside ,after 15 years of period by my side I have quite evolve an easy and quite effective strategy to keep the comfort levels high.

I will not talk about drugs or painkillers because that is something you decide and it is too personal even for me and changing so much from months to months it would not made sense talking about it.

I will talk about the comfort step and the first ,although it may seems strange is male underwear. I am a pad kind of girl and I am trying to incorporate the menstrual cup every month but the first day or two that is not enough for my flow and a pad is necessary for me. I orderer a few months ago a pair of male pants from Calvin Klein for error and I wear them the first time during my first day of period because they seems to me for some reason so comfy but still super high wasted ,but stretchy and still well structured . Let me tell you guys ,those quickly became my first day period underwear. I find them so secure and comfortable because they are very big in the sense that they hug your all bum area but also your stomach and that is something so ensuring and comfortable to even just think about it. I know that there probably are a large plethora of underwear for women made just for the period time and I have yet to try them but if you are in the market for trying new underwear for your menstrual time ,I would suggest something like this and I know it sounds crazy but I am far too comfortable to even look into something else right now.


Another trick or habit I should say , is using some sort of bag full of seeds that you can heat up in the oven and apply on your stomach area to help smoothing the muscular cramps with the heat. Heat also helps with the releasing of the blood chunks (technical terms over here my friends )because helps the vases to basically relax. There are so many and in various and different form I bought mine from amazon .https://www.amazon.it/Cuscino-termico-semi-riscaldabile-microonde/dp/B00B49JTOE

Although I must say ,where I live ,in Italy ,summer months can be extremely hot and having this kind of hot bags on your stomach when it’s like 30 degrees Celsius outside is not so comfortable. So I have find not the same release but similar by just putting a pillow so that I still have the tactile sensitivity helping me with my cramps and having a light source of heat without making me sweat and feeling even More gross than usual. If you cannot go without the thermal pillow I would suggest making yourself a cold iced drink so that you can balance a little bit the heat. Groundbreaking I know!

Another few things I do is to always make sure I have something to watch or listen ,reading to me can became a little too difficult but having something I am looking forward to watch or rewatch helps my mind stay focused on something Elsethat is not my  pain . I am always so blown away of the strong a woman have ,going to work with worst cramps ,dealing with everything with your stomach  in a full on explosion, it is mind blowing to me. How strong a woman can be. How often I forget that. Too often unfortunately ,because knowing we are so capable and strong is such a grateful feeling ,like how I am grateful for being a woman.

I know is such a different topic for everyone ,someone may have no pain at all ,someone may have a huge migraine ,someone may have the worst back pain but at the same time, we know we are all in this together  and having to be reminded by that by bleeding every month and forgetting it every day is such a shame.

But anyway enough rumble about women and female support each other ,I am very proud of being a woman and knowing I am such a strong human and if you like me, too often forget about it ,I hope this little rumble is a quick reminder of how capable beautyfull and strong you are.

Anyway ,I will see you soon guys and let me know your favorites way of making yourself comfort during your period time !

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