Hi guys! How are you doing today ? I hope you are all doing well wherever you are all over the world.

Today I wanted to share with some new items I bought from Nike. Not only that , I wanted to take the chance and talk to you a little bit about why and what I feel about this items.

Recently I have been struggling with running and exercise in general and I don’t really like that feeling, well who does . I have been always a sporty girl trough all my life, I love running and exercise and sweating and it my favorite anti depression antidote . Not only for the endorphins rush but also because when I feel strong I feel beautiful . I have come to term with how my body is structured ,what my genes are and how I am display all over my bones structure . So I know I am never gonna be skinny and thin and that’s ok. The thing I like the most is feeling like I can run or doing exercises . That is the best feeling in the world and although sometimes I absolutely hate it I always tell to myself “you know that even if you do just a quick and easy run ,just do what you feel but do it because you never ever ever regret a work out”. That is something I always tell myself and that is the most truth of the truths .

After so many years I have to find some different kind of works out otherwise I will get bored super quickly . Even if is just a little change of the path I run on ,or alternate running and pilates ,I have to keep it changeable and fun.

Another thing I do of course as we all do ,is changing outfit . I have always wanted to invest in a good chunky massive running shoe . And I finally did. I have purchased this amazing piece of work out gear and I am madly in love . I don’t think I have ever run so good and light and fast and I am super motivated right owlet all see how long it will last but right now I would 100 % suggest you try this amazing shoes if you ,like me ,want a good old huge chunky shoe. I need this kind of shoe because I have a little trouble over my left knee and I feel so much more supported with a good sole shoe.




Once i sorted my shoe game I went with a bright and fun bra and short combo and I am absolutely in love with the set. It’s fun and bold and although I know is not for everyone running around in a pink and violet explosion I like from time to time wear something fun and bright. For the same principle as with my everyday ootds ,when I get bored I like to mix things up ,to change and wearing colors in my sports ootds is something even someone so neutral and all black can enjoy because at the end of the day ,I want to feel like I am cute and I am having fun when I am out there sweating my ass out.

I know this can be seen as superficial and it is ,but there is something about buying from time to time a new gym gear  that makes me feel so ready to go out and work out it is an immense motivator to me, I guess it is to a lots of us but I feel less guilty splurging my money on sporty stuff basically. I guess my brain I so smart in finding new excuses to spend money (LOL).

What I wanted to say after this little rumble ,is just to may inspire some of you who felt the way I felt in the last couple of weeks ,I know excerise is not something for everyone but as all of the things in life, you do you and that means that even if it is just a little walk ,a few abs ,a yoga class, using our bodies and sweating can increase our selfesteme and our overall mental health. Even if is something you would rather shit your self than doing it ,I promise you will never regret a work out as small as it may seems to us ,it is an enormous boost of good energy and positivity . It is the most amazing thing we can do to ourself ,it is a gesture of self love not only for our body and our phisiology ,but most of all for our mind. Not only for the endorphins we induce our body to produce while we are sweating ,but because it gives us a sensation of serenity and self accomplice that we will remember and until we will not let too much time pass from one work out to another ,our body will remember and we will use it as a motivator to be gentle and kind to ourself.

I am glad I bought from time to time some new gear to work out and I can feel confident in my own skin and if it is something that motivate me to do better and go outside a few more times ,I will recommend to you guys 100 %. Sometime the most superficial thing are not so useless and superficial if it helps us from the inside out and that is sometime the power of beauty in all of its spectrum.

Let me know what you like to do or try to do wen you feel a little bit demotivated and I will see you soon guys!

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