Hi guys! How are you doing today ? I hope you are doing great and I hope you are having a great day wherever you are in this crazy ass world. Today I want to share with you some of my favorites multitasking products .I was inspired by this particular blush which I talked about in my July favorites and I liked the concept of creating a blogpost about it . Don’t get me wrong ,I consider every piece of makeup I own a multitasking one and I love to think that we all are free to use whatever we like as we like it ,no rules are made when we are going to be creative ,but I also find myself sometimes lost in following the “rules” and the “description “giving by a particular product and sometimes I find myself rediscovery a product or a new way to use it and it is like giving a product new life and finding interesting and exciting again.As you guys know I am trying to force myself not to buy any new product unless I finished one so this is also a way I use to make myself excited again about something not particularly new and I am fully aware that is something wrong but I am trying to work on that.The first product I want to talk about is my Nars blush called Taj Mahal . I recently started using it as a soft crease shade and a blush for a matchy look that I sometimes love to achieve . The one thing I would recommend is to use a soft hand with this shade because is particularly intense and can go wrong fast . I love using it a crease shade with a big blending brush cause is something different and kind of fun and new ,well at least to me who always use a warm brown in my crease area. I love using it this way cause it is a really blendible formula ,a satin with a soft glittery effect but nothing to dramatic and can be use also all over the lead ,and layer it on to give a full impact. This shade is an amazing true almost gold orange shade and in this period of time is a ray of sunshine at the sunset hour melting on your face . https://www.narscosmetics.it/it/blush-taj-mahal/0607845040200.html?userlang=it_IT&bvstate=pg%3A18%2Fct%3Ar&prfcountry=IT&prfmarket=ITAnother blush I am loving using as also an eyeshadow (because blush and bronzer one of the easiest product to use as also shadow )is by Jouer . It has the same function for me ,the same way to use it but since this blush has a completely different shade I use it more as a light was of browny pinky nude in my crease and I love to use this color in articulate as a base for my transition shade ,something so nude and perfect to layer over every kind of shade you want on top and that can perfectly sigh it up together with the blush to create as an overall nude toned look,perfcet to combine with a classic wing liner, a more intense smokey eye look ,basically everything.https://www.jouercosmetics.com/products/blush-bouquetsAnother amazing multitasking product is my illuminaughty luminizer by Nudestix ,this amazing Canadian based and women founded basically create the idea of multitasking beauty product ,created to be used in all source of way due to the texture and the way they are formulated. A creamy and balmy texture stick form makeup product packed in a easy to use tube . Nothing more than that speaks of friendly use and easy to use. So that should come as no surprise when I talk about this amazing highlighter . It has a balmy costistency which gives your skin a glass like effect ,a soft focus and blurred effect to anything layers under it and although as an highlighter works his magic ,I love using it as an all over the lid glossy eyelid makeup look and to tie it up togheter smoothly and nicely as a lip topper over anything I put on before . It is an all over glossy and luminous look that I think is so fun and youthful. https://www.nudestix.com/products/nudies-all-over-face-color-glow?variant=39201615690The last product I have already spoke about it in a blogpost so I am not gonna rumble too much about it is by Urban Decay brow blade. I love this product for my eyebrows but I also love using it to create faux freckles . I used the so famous freck product but honestly to me is too much expensive for how much it is and I was searching for an alternative that worked as well without costing an arm and a leg and after a few searches I find by Mariah Leonard recommendation this amazing product .https://www.instagram.com/mariahlleonard/?hl=it. I suggest it to everyone who wants to create a natural and long lasting faux freckle look. The color ginger snap is perfect to create the natural freckle undertone..https://www.urbandecay.it/occhi/sopracciglia/brow-blade/ud934.htmlI hope to have inspire some of you and let me know your favorite way to use your favorite product and in which way .I will see you soon folks !

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