Hi guys! How are doing today ? I hope you are all doing great and guess what ,august is here. It is so crazy to think about it but I guess but here we are ,alive and not taking that for guaranteed .

Today I am here to talk to you about my latest monthly favorites and I am not gonna lie there’s not much I was extremely enjoying this month but the few things I did ,I am in love with them !


This month going on a run and fitness in general has been really tuff considering the heat wave we have had in the last couple of weeks and I have been enjoying my lessons on the sculpt society more than ever. I have spoke about this subscription and I know paying for something I can find free on YouTube can be seen as dumb ,but her exercise and program are. something I have never find everywhere . I love how precise ,how effective in a limited period of time and to me that is the most effective thing ever : sometimes I just don’t want to work out , I don’t want to ,i can’t be bothered and I just hate to work out but the fact that there are these shorts and impactful ten minutes videos  motivate me those times and after I completed them I feel go and I don’t feel a useless piece of shit for not having work out event tho I try to do it at least every day.

Something I love all summer long and in particular when is so humid and hot outside is taking a cold shower and in particular I love (well I don’t love it cause is kind of uncomfortable )but after that few minutes I love the sensation of lightness it gives my legs some cold ice water and for those of you who suffer from some puffiness in your legs ,focused the cold cold water a few minutes on your calves ,I try to do it everyday and I helps a lot.

In terms of tv shows and series I have been watching a few things and I am mad about them ! Please go watch The Morning show on Apple TV ,I know I am way too late talking about this show but rumors were true . It is a great ,smart and also fun show about the world journalism and tv shows brought to us from the Wonderfull Jennifer Aniston ,Reese Wheterspoon and Steve Carrell .It is so well done and touched on a lots of important topics that are really important in these days .https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eA7D4_qU9jo

The other show I am absolutely loving ,is Black Monday . It has a completely different vibe since it is a comedy show ,it has a dark dark humorist , it has no censor ,it takes jokes on every topic and I love when shows do that in a smart way . I love humorism as a way to educate and to give an impact and several important topics. This shows is funny and different and I love the females protagonists and I think they did a great job . highly recommend them both.https://www.comingsoon.it/serietv/black-monday/1936/scheda/


Since it has been hot as fuck ,I want to stay away at least two and half meters from my phone or any form of heat creators at least until November . This means that I shower ,I apply my conditioners and wash them off ,once I go out of the shower I brush my hair and let hem air dry . For doing this ,you need a good good brush and I find on of my favorite brush ever and I from Tangle teezer. I have already a brush from tangle teezer and it is the classic little and compact brush and although is really user friendly and easy to use I find this model way better and effective . If you have fine hair like me I think you will love this model way better .https://www.sephora.it/p/the-wet-detangler-hairbrush—spazzola-districante-438906.html?LGWCODE=438906;97885;3577&utm_source=google&utm_medium=cpc&utm_campaign=PLASephoraITSmartShopping_search_&utm_term=&gclid=CjwKCAjwjqT5BRAPEiwAJlBuBdP21evlR0yt8X6MMQSaC5BIri9Pdwq6kKi2NHcpwKk3R4RaiDknMRoCf6cQAvD_BwE

The next favorite is something for our vaginas and intimate area in general and is this soap from Infasil and although there is nothing show stopping or amazingly surprised by a soap for our intimate parts ,I wanted to share this discovery I made because I actually really like it and I like how gentile and light it is ,it has a gel texture that doesn’t foaming up too much and it let me feel clean and fresh as much as possible all day .http://www.infasil.it/prodotti/linea-igiene-intima/intimo-purity-protezione-e-freschezza/


For the makeup category I must say ,recently I haven’t find myself wearing a lots of makeup or wanting to wear a lots of it because of the hot and the humidity provides by our beautiful weather but in my nomakeup makeup days I find myself reaching so much for my Nars Taj Mahal blush ,which I have rediscovery I guess . What I am loving doing right now is to take a bug blending brush and very messly apply it in my crease and with a bigger blush brush applying it on the apples of my cheeks .It creates a soft red toned bronzy and colorful effect but you have to apply a really small amount cause this blush is extra pigmented and I have been many times in the situation of applying it a little too much and that is not a good look. But a little bit and blending it really well create a really amazing and yet simple but still effecting look and I don’t feel the need sometimes to wear a bronzer since I am already a little bit tanned . If I am not tan I surely cannot pull this look off so bare in mind ,but I still love it so so much. Especially since is so humid and hot outside I am loving using a dew less products and going out the door quickly .https://www.narscosmetics.it/it/blush-taj-mahal/0607845040200.html?userlang=it_IT&bvstate=pg%3A18%2Fct%3Ar&prfcountry=IT&prfmarket=IT

That is for today and I will see you soon guys!

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