Hi guys! How are you doing today ? I hope you are all doing great and if not I hope this post will help you try something super easy e not new but so delicious I can’t stop cooking and of course eating!

When it comes to cooking I am not an expert, surprise surprise , but I love ,absolutely love trying as most of the field in life ,I love tryng something new ,I love making mistakes and learn as I go . I have a very short spam of attention and I need to just try and learn as I go in my skin and with my hand other wise I can’t learn and earn anything ,I guess that ‘s also why I love being surgeon ,I don’t know ,but using my hand is my way of speaking and creating ,from cooking to writing to palling makeup to taking photos ,I am a very practical person that is what I am trying to say .

So since we are leaving the quarantine but I am definitely not excited to jump into groceries stores or restaurants yet , I love more then ever cooking and since I have an ,as we called here In Italy “Orto” I love when I am home going ,grabbing fresh vegetable and cooking. There’s nothing better than caught some fresh vegetable or fruits that you grow yourself and I find it so therapeutic and calm ,a process in which you actually feel in your hand the texture ,the dirt ,the water you can actually see the colors the different shades of red of green of brown ,the smell of heart ,of grass ,of basil and the sound of bees of mosquitos ,of the grasshopper ,there is nothing better than that ,an actual physical experience of your results in your hands . I would love to share this feelings with you and I hope some of you or the majority of you could understand what I am telling and if not I hope you can just close your eyes and visualize it because is something I would recommend to everyone .

I love very kind of vegetable and fruits but since I have and extreme obsession with tomatoes so ,here we go !

The recipe I am going to share with you is the most simplest way to enjoy tomatoes especially cherry tomatoes because I don’t know about you guys but for me, I can only eat a certain amount of tomatoes before getting bored of them and once you have the garden absolutely full ,you can only storage them ,giving them to your neighbors and friends and finding new way to eat them .

Cherry tomatoes are one of the sweetest type of tomatoes ,they are a bullet full of flavors ,salts ,sugars ,they truly are little gems and oltough I love eating them raw and just washed you can easily enhance their characteristic and are really good in every way ,but finding this way of cooking them I am becoming more and more obsessed with.

First step

You basically cut them in half and display them on a sheet of baking paper on a baking tin .

You pour olive oil ,some salt ,rosemary and some cream of balsamic vinegar .

Then they go in the oven on the highest temperature you have and leave them in for about 20 minutes (you do you do and you can check them on as you go). Depending on how cooked them you want you can leave them in as you want ,I leave them in until their have a slightly burnt skin .

Here I pair them with some Greek yogurt

The most important part is the give them a huge impact temperature at the entrance and at the beginning so that it can caramelized and crystallized the skin and they can develop a crust that will contain and keep inside all of the fluid which give them more structure in your mouth physically and flavourly and will make them more enjoyable,more rounded in terms of flavourness .

The next step is to let them cool down and then you can decide whatever you want to do with them . My favorite thing to do with them is to serving them with a plate of spaghetti ,some garlic and some fresh basil on top, this way you get full experience of their flavory and if do so you can experience with some pepper some chilly ,you can really pimp them up since you only have their flavor and the spaghetti will be the side dish. You can also put them in a vase and store them with a lots of oil on top to conserve them and use them as a side dish with some mozzarella (an interest twist of the classic caprese salad)and adding fresh basil on top ,or with some tartar or some fish as a nice.

I know is nothing groundbreaking and is well use and famous as a way to cook cherry tomatoes but since I am finding myself cooking them so much and loving them so much I find natural share things I love on here with you ,that’s why I started this blog at the beginning ,so let me know what you think ,if you tried them and if you like it!

I will see you soon folk!

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