Hi guys! How are you doing today ? I hope you are all doing well and I hope to maybe provide some sort of distraction from everything that is going on in the world.
Today I just wanted to share a little makeup I wore the other day ,trying to feeling better and playing with a wig. Who am I ,I don’t even know . But even if it the most useless thing I have ever done and it has no sense or importance ,I want to share with you for the love of makeup and also because it helps me formulate some thoughts .  
Make up is a full base of my it cosmetics (https://www.itcosmetics.com/face/foundation/your-skin-but-better-cc-cream-with-spf-50/ITC_0008.html .)and my new full coverage Hourglass concealer https://www.hourglasscosmetics.com/products/vanish-airbrush-concealer.

This combo is a new one for me,well not the products because I own them for a few months already ,but is something I have never use together because as you guys already know ,I am not a fan of a full coverage base and something I don’t wear when there are 40 degrees outside . But I wanted to try something new and different and as weird as it sound wearing a wig and feeling someone different for a few hours ,is something I found absolutely therapeutic.  The lip combo is my favorite lipliner at the Monet by Patrik ta beauty https://patrickta.com/products/monochrome-moment-precision-lip-crayon and on top of that the amazing gloss https://patrickta.com/products/major-glow-lip-shine. I have already spoke so many times about this lipliner but the color ,the packaging and everything is truly something else. I applied my faux freckles using my Urban decay brow pencil https://www.urbandecay.it/occhi/sopracciglia/brow-blade/ud934.html and a shit load of mascara by Milk cosmetics .I went crazy with the highlighter ,my one love bars fort the France for the most beautiful glass skin effect ever https://www.milkmakeup.com/kush-mascara.html


So today rumble guys I a little bit all over the place ,surprise surprise I know! I wanted to tell you a little bit about how sometimes plying with make up can improve you mental health and your creativity juice . Here we go..

I suffer from depression but recently I am struggling feeling inspired ,feeling myself and I guess the hormones and my mind can’t really work together recently and that makes me feel insecure ,nit safe in my own skin and my thoughts are all over the place. 

If you know what I am saying you know how frustrating it is ,how difficult it is and how sometimes you just want to not be you. Of course we can’t and most important we shouldn’t feel this way but sometimes we do and those time I fell paralyzed and extremely anxious ,I feel my heart going like crazy and I feel the need to have something on which I can focus and not getting to the point of starting a fight with whoever cross my street. 

So the other day I was like ,ok you know what ,today I am not myself ,today I am my alter ego and I am going to feel beautiful and stop my awful thoughts run trough my mind for a few hours. 

Of course I am not telling you to do so every time we feel like that and is not the best way to make things better I am just telling you how the other day I choose to transform my awful day into a beam of creativity and even if is just playing with the same makeup and a wig ,that s enough for me, that’s enough in a day where I would not have found the strength to leave the bed.

The wig is a find fro Amazon I initially ordered for a 70s party inspired outfit but never worn it and I talk a little bit more about it in a blog all about my outfit and how I would have worn it with all the accessories to recreate a Cher inspired look.

Today’s post is nothing particularly specific guys and I just wanted to tell you that ,if you feel sometime like I felt the other day and most days ,it is ok and I tell you that for my personal experience I let me feelings be there , embracing them even the rage and sadness . I embrace all of them ,once I evaluate them I talk to myself and tell me ,ok ,think about why you should feel all of this. Hormones? Coffe? Anxiety ? once I go trough all of this I apply a gentle force to myself and starting by do the most simple things: wake up and physically going away from my bed and make coffee .Every day can be something different ,you can say today I excercise ,I eat , I shower and if you feel like you can go further ,go with no fear. 

Being and trying to always be creative are impossible things and that can easily drive to a burnout but that don’t have to scare you ,that means ok ,today I step back.

To me getting that juice of creativity beck when I can barely wake up is the most difficult struggle ever and I know there are surgeon who are saving lives out there and I am one of them and grateful the be who i m but sometime our mind create worlds and creatures that are bigger than everything we have ever seen.

I just wanted to share with you guys how sometimes the most frivolous things can help us out in a moment ,the rest is up to us of course but you can truly help yourself out every day ,in a different way.

To get a closer to this mess rumble , I am not an expert I am just a woman sharing her experiences ,bad or good ,and I hope that by sharing them you can feel a little less alone in this world. 

I will see you soon guys!




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