hi guys! How are you doing today ? I hope you are doing great and are in good health mentally and physically .Today I want to share with you my updated ring collection. As you guys probably already know I am a huge fan of rings in general ,they are definitely my favorite accessorize and I love to stack them on . I started having this passion of wearing a lots of them by watching https://www.sunbeamsjess.com . She has always inspired a lots of how I style clothes and accessorizes and also trough her I found my ultimate love , The great Frog.The first passion of mine were little denty and small ,almost invisible rings ,glod plated and I remember I would search all over Asos to find something that I would like and oltough asos is a great font for things like that ,year after year I started to buy less bad quality rings ,buying less and better and that’s when found brands like Missoma and Daisy Jewelry .I can’t say “I don’t recommend you go on Asos and buy cheap rings “,it depends on how you like them and if you ,like me , never and I mean. ,really never take them off. But as a young seventeen years old with no money at all they made me feel cool and like I was finding my style in new ways and that’s is priceless .As I have already said ,finding myself loving them all and wanting to wear them all the time made want to splurge on a few items knowing they have lasted me along time.I consider my self a very messy person ,and my style is no exception . I really love to go from wearing the most masculine and man like outfit ever to the most sexiest bodycon dress I can find and these bipolarity I guess is shown also in my accessorize .My first love are all my silver collection :https://www.thegreatfroglondon.com. They don’t need to introduction I guess . They are an amazing team based in London who hand made in silver every single piece you order from them . They are ,to me, truly pieces of art.I want them all basically but since they are not the most cheap treat to myself I started collecting them a few years ago . The first purchase was the one and only Naga Skyll https://www.thegreatfroglondon.com/product/naga-skull-ring/. It is as all of them ,the most beautiful detailed ring I have ever seen and it is probably my favorite one because of my first love and how special it was to me.A classic of them I could not buy is the most iconic one ,https://www.thegreatfroglondon.com/product/michael-rodent-skull-ring/. It is the most fun of them and I could not get this one just because of how iconic it is . I also purchased the Pray for me skull ring because I wanted a classic skull but with a little something extra and this was absolutely perfect , The hand crafted on the skull are divine and this is my most simple but yet amazing piece.https://www.thegreatfroglondon.com/product/pray-for-me-skull-ring/.Another iconic piece and something I was also super curios to hove in my collection is the small Kudu skull. This one is definitely the one my friends tend to comment on the most because I choose the small one and is still massive on me because of the kudu horns but again ,is so peculiar and unique I love this one to death and is something I would definitely recommend to buy in a larger size but it wouldn’t work on my hand .https://www.thegreatfroglondon.com/product/small-kudu-skull-ring/.The last piece is my latest purchased and it was also a little bit impulsive of me but I saw the collaboration and limited edition of it and I just couldn’t resist. I love having a piace knowing how precious it is and knowing it is a limited edition. The design is super fun and a little bit new for their more classic style and the big eyes are the cherry on top.https://www.thegreatfroglondon.com/product/official-mooneyes-x-tgf-t-shirt.This were all of my silver pieces guys ,I know is something I little bit exaggerated but I love wear them all in one ,I love the clash they make and how a stamens they are ,how well they work togheter and how people always look strange at me when I wear them . They are definitely something you love or something you hate and I absolutely love them.For the gold collection I love mixing things up more and wear a lots from different brand . I love wearing yellow gold especially in the summer months and the first brand I discovered and the first ever collection I seriously was in love from head to toe was the https://www.daisyjewellery.com/collections/estee-lalonde . The first collection was the first time I have ever saw something so close to what I liked and what I dreamt of having and seeing them in a concrete form was amazing . I love esteem as a person ,not that I know her ,but I alway consider her the first ever blogger which I see myself and my ups and down connected with . But anyway knowing she wouldn’t do nothing wrong I loved every single pieces . they classic and vintage looking ,detailed and effortless and I love everything about them.I love the geometry and the meaning behind every single piece and how they inspire every woman or man to believe in they self. https://www.daisyjewellery.com/collections/rings/products/estee-lalonde-rising-sun-frame-ring-18ct-gold-plate-4030https://www.daisyjewellery.com/collections/rings/products/estee-lalonde-sunburst-signet-ring-gold-4240These are just a few of my favorite piece but I could go on and buy honestly all of them. I really hope she keeps on collaborating with daisy or Crete her own jewelry collection ,it would be so nice.The last shop I also love to death is Missoma London . Missoma is the definition of the cool girl vibe and look ,the most understated pieces ,in the most amazing colored gold pleated and style ,working so well toghter or by themself . Again what drew me to them as. brand was the collaboration they did with the amazing blogger Lucy Williams and in general all of their pieces was amazing . They are on the more pricer side of the spectrum but honestly so well made and last a long time without losing color of payoff.https://uk.missoma.com/collections/lucy-williams-x-missomaI must admit ,I bought especially necklaces and chockers from this collection but this amazing signet ring ,with thesis beautiful emerald green stone is the perfect statement piece for my gold colored collection .https://uk.missoma.com/collections/lucy-williams-x-missoma/products/lucy-williams-malachite-square-gold-signet-ring

I hope you find something you like or maybe something you leave being inspired by and I will see you soon folks!

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