Hi guys! How are you doing today ? Today I want to share with you a few makeup look I made thee last couple of week , whenever I felt like wearing makeup basically . I started this series if you want to call like that because I want to stop or at least slow down the shopping impulsively process and started to focus more on what I already own and I love gettin excited again by my makeup so today I want to share with you another gem .

The so famous soft glam palette by Anastasia Beverly Hills. There is no need of introduction for this product because is a classic ,the quality is impeccable and the colors are amazing .

I decide to use it every day or at least every time I choose to wear makeup or I can be bother and I have re fallen I love with it .

The first look is something I love using in the evening and create an all pinky monochromatic look by enhancing the color with a similar lip combo . This shade is called rose pink , a dusty old school very neutral pink and is one of my favorite in the palette . The texture and consistency feels like butter, smooth and creamy as a cream product with an incredible color payoff: the quality is incredible . Blend like a dream and with one shadow and a soft crease blended you have a perfect look in like 2 seconds . Is the perfect all over the lid shimmery but in a soft and very romantic way ,the most wearable pink you will ever find ,I promise you.

Another look is something I am actually working on because I have a 70s inspired party and I wanted to master a soft smokey eye that turns more into the cold spectrum instead of my classic warm toned one and this black ,applied strategically is the perfect darken touch for every smokey look. Black shadow Is something I find very rarely used off but is also very difficult to find the perfect one because for the nature of the color you need it to be full and heavy ,this one is buttery with a full color payoff which makes it so easy to use and blend. By using a small blending brushing and anything you want all over the lid you have the most simple and still effective smokey eyes ,with the plus of intensifying the fullness as you want. The perfect black eyeshadow, and honesty a must in my opinion although is something we don’t use in our daily life ,when we need it ,is there.

The classic me look with this palette is an all over the lid matte mustard shade and I create this look with the more light warm brown in the palette (burnt orange ) and although is the most simple look you will ever create I still love it so much and I think is the most chic of all the smokey eyes. The most simple things are always the most reliable and this color to me is nothing boring ,although so simple and easy is the perfect matte brown ,something you will always always need no matter what.

I guess I was a little bored of this palette because of how classic these shades are and it doesn’t allow you to create such fun and out there looks but that doesn’t mean you can’t have fun . I forgot how easy to use it is and how amazing a classic bronze or gold smokey eyes can look . Sometime the most “basic “looks are the ones that you feel more beautiful in .

What I wanted to tell you guys is that I am actually really enjoying the process of going trough my makeup collection and rediscover every weeks or every two weeks a new /old item and giving it a second chance. This palette remind me that classic doesn’t mean boring or old but is can also means fun and sexy and confident and that what this palette allows me to feel whenever I am wearing it .

The good quality and the smoothness of the colors really do all the work for you and whatever you decide to go bold and go matte or go with a soft all over the lid shadow ,is gonna be an amazing look for sure .

I love this palette so much and I remember why I bought it in the first place because is something we all need ,is the true friend you can always lean on because is the comfort blanket and the safe and tested one . It will not disappoint you and everyone should have something like this in their collection I think !

I hope you like this little post and this series and let me know if you have this palette if you like it and if you have find a dupe for it .

Stay safe and I will see you soon folks!

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