Hi guy! How are you doing today ? Today I wanT TO share with you a little haul ,from Asos .I don’t really shop on line anymore but since I needed some necessities I placed a little order .I never ,ever tried false lashes so the fact that I have to put (well I want to ) put them on to recreate a Cher look for a 70s inspired party . So roll with me guys while I tried to out them on for next 20 years and giving myself a glued eye look. So sexy. But anyway ,I choose the Ardell lashes because I heard nothing but good thing about them so here we go. I will let you know if I survive .https://www.ardellshop.com/baby-wispies.htmlThe second thing I bought is this AMAZING NIKE number :it is the classic WTF number but I absolutely love it and It seems like I can’t stop buying things like this and wear them around the house rather then when I actually have to work out . I saw this item on Tar Mar in one of her vlogs and she wore it like the goddess that she is and I knew I would loved it but I didn’t want to buy it because ,hello ,don’t need it ! But when I saw it in the red orange color ,I just could not let it in there . Honestly don’t know who I think I am to wear it but I don’t care , I love it .https://www.nike.com/it/t/body-sportswear-rJZSkH/CT4833-283In the clothes department I also bought this classic but yet ageless nike bottom ,the most comfortable to lap around the house and sleep and just chill but still feeling comfortable to put out the garbage of to go running errands if you know what I mean . https://www.nike.com/it/w/donna-pantaloncini-38fphz5e1x6A little slinky and again ,classic me top from free people ,I would love this in white but it was sold out and I was like ,ok purple it is . I love free people for number like this because the quality is there and things like this will last you forever and you can dress it up or down and it is the perfect top for the summer season . https://www.freepeople.com/shop/top-notch-crop1/?category=crop-tops&color=004&type=REGULAR&quantity=1Anyway , hope you like this random as fuck haul ,I enter to buy one thing and of course exit with a thousand of things I didn’t need . AS you do .Stay safe and I will see you soon folks !

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