Hi guys! How are you doing today ? I hope you are doing great and today I want to share with you a couple of looks using and experimenting with gloss.I absolutely love the gloss looks created but the one and only https://www.instagram.com/katiejanehughes/?hl=it . I have already spoke about her millions of time and you will already know her but the way she applies makeup and plays with it is absolutely inspiring for someone like me who as you guys already know ,is not a huge creative person when it come to makeup . I love ,absolutely love trying new things but always in my range of comfort zone or just a step aside.Gloss lids is a fantastic trend is really going strong in the more editorial makeup world and I love how chic and cool it looks. Is something you obviously have to come to term with the fact that is gonna crease and “ruin ” in live five seconds but that is also the beauty of it . I don’t mind the fact that is born to last a few seconds and I still love to play with it and take photos to remind me if it !I already played with gloss in the most simple way ,by just applying a gloss on my lid but this time I wanted to hump up the look and play with colorful makeup and gloss .I was highly inspired as always by Pinterest and I tried to give my impression of some looks giving my best !For the red makeup look I use as always my colorful source of eyeshadow which is my morph x Jaclyn hill palette volume 2 :I love the texture and the consistency of these shadows and I think is a great palette to play with some color and change a little bit our makeup look palettes . I just apply a simple and effective one shadow (Drama Queen ) all over the lid and blend the edges with a more orange toned color in the same palette and by itself this look was just as beautiful but for the seek of the look I added a little bit of my fenty beauty clear gloss in the shade milk diamond and it completely transform the end result. https://www.fentybeauty.com/gloss-bomb-universal-lip-luminizer/FB50001.htmlhttps://www.morphe.com/products/jaclyn-hill-palette-volume-iiI think this particular look would look amazing with also a full on red lips and cheeks and enchanting the red of the eyes and tight it together .The second look I create is this simple one shadow all over the lid type of look with the amazing pastel minty green in the emerald obsession palette by Huda beauty https://hudabeauty.com/us/en_US/shop/obsessions-eyeshadow-palette-HB00066M.html.I have already talk about the quality of these shadow in my mercury retrograde palette review , but this matte are one of my favorites ones ,they are so buttery and smooth and blend really like a dream .For this second look I keep the gloss and the shadow on my upper lid and kept the rest of the face really simple and monochromatic and I think it really works.I used the gloss by fenty because is the only one I own but can use whatever you like and don’t really need to splurge on a. particular item . The key when it comes to topper any kind of eyeshadow with a gloss is to proceed by small doses and to go light layer by layer without applying too much so that you won’t disturb the color underneath and still having the best effect possible .The glass and wet looking effect it gives this trick to me is super fun and absolutely beautiful alt ought very impractical but you know,something we just have to make some sort of sacrifice I guess.I am really curious to know what you guys think and pleas let me know what are your favorite gloss looks! I will see you soon folks!

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