Hi guys! How are you doing today ? I hope you are doing great , mentally and physically .As you guys probably already know , I love a fresh skin no makeup makeup look and the latest trend and also quick and easy trick to achieve this kind of look is to apply faux freckles . Freckles gives you the illusion of having nothing on your skin and that is one of my favorite no make up makeup look to achieve.I have always loved seeing those beautiful girls and boys with a full face of freckles and finding a way to somehow achieve a similar kind of look has been amazing . I wrote a blogpost last winter about how I tried to recreate them with a self tanning lotion from Garnier and I still love that technique but recently I tried something new .As you guys already know I am madly in love with everything Mariah Leonard does or says and this comes no exception . She mentioned this product recently in one of her YouTube video (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U7Q0YC7eBTE&t=113s ) where she create a no makeup makeup look for the summer months basically . The product she uses is the Urban Decay brow blade in the shade ginger and I immediately bought it and try it .

Since then I didn’t stop using it .https://www.urbandecay.it/occhi/sopracciglia/brow-blade/ud934.html . It is a double ended pencil with a brush on one end and a pencil own the other and I sure the brush tip for creating the freckles .The packaging is easy to use and at a perfect price point .The theory is the same as the one I applied using my old Freck : Tap it on my finger and then on my skin . The formula is long lasting and water proof because is meant to be for brows and the shade ginger gave you the classic redish tone perfect for a summery bronzed freckle skin.Don’t get me wrong I loved freck ,but to me such a small amount of product for such a high price truly is a fucking steal. And I started searching for something different and similar in the effect . That’s the perfect product without having to splurge an arm and a leg and since I tend to have a more caramely toned hair in the summer months I love using also the pencil end of the product .

The end results is the perfect nature and easy freckles effect without being so noticeable and the warm tone of the product enhance the overall bronzed slash tan look in the most natural way .I love this kind of technique and a little bit of warm toned bronzer ,a lots of mascara , a wet looking illuminating and you are good to go.

As always guys let me know what you think and if you have tried any of these items. I will see you soon folks!

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