Hi guys! How are doing today ? I hope you are doing well!

Today on this rubrica where I talk to you about some of the makeup product in my makeup stash I want to share with you another makeup product I don’t use enough and I want to make the effort to use a little bit more. I am talking about the linda hallberg mood crayon : they are so different and creamy and fun and I don’t use enough .https://shop.lindahallberg.se/product/mood-crayons-kit/ .

I love this product so much but what always keeps me from using them is the bold color and obviously the fact that I am more of very simple and basic makeup look.

That doesn’t mean I can’t use them and still loving the simplicity of an eye look. Color doesn’t mean always bold scary and outthere but it can also mean whatever we want it to mean . The inspiration to choose this product this time comes from the other day : I was getting ready to go out to a picnic and I grab the orange liner of the set and draw a thin( well the thinnest I could get) line ,add some mascara and that was it. I can’t tell you guys how many times my girlfriends told me how they love my makeup and it was still so simple I wasn’t feeling uncomfortable .

That really make me want to dive into this kind of pop of color more, not that I wouldn’t do but with this kind of product is so easy and user friendly to do you really have no excuses. The product is so creamy ,full and opace ,it sets and becomes really long lasting (I was sweating all day long and didn’t move at all ).

This particular trend is so modern and different and also so easy I really want to start using this product more. Little touches and changes like these really can bust your creativity in terms of makeup and wanting to create something new.

I am absolutely loving in particular the yellow and the orange one for this season and I can’t wait to show you more. I am following a lots of amazing artist and makeup artists on Pinterest and I find them so inspiring to try these kind of look . I think for someone like me who is always on the hunt for the easiest and user friendly look and always love a no makeup makeup look ( especially in the summer months ) a graphic colorful liner is something so easy to achieve and still makes you feel like yourself in the most simple way .

Is so easy to feel like you don’t see yourself in the mirror when you use too much color or you try too hard or you just simply try so many different things all in one but that should not stop us from not trying . The key in everything is try little by little and alway find  the true and your street in the middle , in medium stat veritas : colorful and simple at the same time .


I hope to inspire some of you to try something new and I will see you soon folks! As always let me know which look you prefer or would like to create!

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