Hi guys! How are you doing today ? I hope you are doing great ,today I want to share with you some of my latest outfit I put together by giving them a twist with a little bit more color ,groundbreaking I know !

As you guys already know I don’t usually wear much color in my everyday life but recently I find myself wearing a little pop of color here and there and I am not mad about it. I guess summer helps me inject it in my outfits. The way I am wearing color is by wearing dresses ,which are the easiest way of wearing color in the most simplest way and without having to worry about anything going wrong.

As you guys already know I am a huge fan of wearing lingerie as outwear and having the best in terms of cost per wear. My favorite pieces are those little silk dresses that I love so much and not only wear when I sleep at my boyfriend’s house . Their simplicity  can never go wrong and I have already show you them in a lots of blog post (I am gonna link them down below ). I love them so much especially because silk is one of the lightest and comfiest material to wear when it’s hot and humid because it allows our skin to breath and it doesn’t fell restricted . I love wearing them because I don’t want to spent so much money on a slip dress and wear it only in bed (don’t get wrong there’s nothing wrong with that) but to me some of the pieces are just too beautiful not to use them outside. Intimissimi is my favorite brand to buy silk number and the quality is impeccable . Here is a lace red number I love wearing with a classic man style oversized blazer or in the colder events with my beloved faux leather jacket to spice it up .


Maxi dresses are another way of wearing colors in the most easy and flawless way . I love a good old maxi dress in the summer months .First  of all because I absolutely hate my legs since they get so chunky and puffy in the hot months(I have. Avery bad emathic and lymphatic circulation ) and second of all because they are so easy and makes you fell so beautiful . The key is to choose the perfect shape and don’t let them wear you (belts are us best friends in this case ) . Maxi doesn’t mean you become a shape less chunk of clothes but a floating on air goddess . Even the most boring or simple maxi dress can become the most flattering number in our summer closet. If you are bold enough you can also choose a patterned or a colorful one ,I absolutely love them to make a big statement look! I love free people and I think they are so well made and unique .https://www.freepeople.com/maxi-dresses/


Another way I am incorporating colors is by my favorite shorts and skirts, some sort of floating and light textured skirt and a white fresh cotton top is a classic combo for me. I particularly love this skirt by zara from a few years a go : a red silky number a white crop top and if it will get chilly my faux leather jacket and some sneakers. The most simple and yet makes me feel so good. Look like these are the easiest way to put in some color  because is the more subtle way . You can choose from a bright top or a bright skirt and you good to go. I f you are bold enough you can easily mix and match but I am way too comfortable to do that !


The last but not least are a touch of color brought to you by some accessories and in particular in this case I love turbans and headbands .I find them a funny and practical way of jazz up an outfit. I love how you can wear color by using them and not having to worry about your outfit too much. Is the easiest way if you are a little bit scared of colors to change a little bit and keep you monochromatic and classic look without disturbing it but ,let me tell you , I think they makes it stand out more ! I have some red ones from Zara from years back and I still dig them out every summer because I love them so much .

Make up is also a huge part of my looks and I tend to put some color with a lipstick or an eyeshadow ,so you see there is obviously no rules or right or wrong but you do you and you choose to do whatever makes you feel good. Color can be a tricky subject but I promise you ,sometime trying something new and be a little bit bold ,makes us feel better .

As always I hope to have inspired some of you, let me know how you prefer to put some color in your life  and I will see you very soon guys!

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