Hi guys! How are you doing today ? I hope you are doing great as always and today I want to share with you one of my favorite and loved item in the entire world : the so famous  BIRKENSTOCK. 

The classic love it or hate it item ,but to me they  are the most comfortable item in the entire world ,if I could I would wear them every day of the year and I find myself learning to style them up year after year and after so many times of getting them wrong I think I finally cracked it up and learned how to style them.

As they are a classic and very rural and rustic piece the key I think for me is to keep the vibe or play with contrast . Whenever I encounter item like these where you can easily go wrong and make mistake is always better to take it easy and starting by less is more .

One of my favorite way to style them up is with a classic tailored trousers classic blue o black piece where you can style it up with a. what crisp shirt or style it down with a sleek white t-shirt . the most basic and yet classic of the combo but I absolutely love it . 

In those chilly summer evening you can also add a little bit of a contrast concept in the light thin jumper but bare feet . Comfy and cosy  : nothing better than that.

For a more hot day and a casual weekend I often pull off my old jeans shorts and the combo is already there. I am not gonna lie I also love to wear them with a white little sock just to extend the nerd vibe of the over all look. All of my friends make fun of me for wearing them but I don’t care I just love how funny and different it is.


The more difficult area for me is with dresses and skirt. Something so feminine and floaty was not so easy to pair with them but I think the key was to choose the right length and material. I find difficult to style them with a silky slinky number but I much prefer to air them with my linen red dress to keep the vibe but also spice them up a little bit. 

Don’t get me wrong I saw a lots of beautiful women walking around with this beautiful silk numbers and a Birkenstock but I think I am not cool enough to pull them off LOL.

I would highly recommend them to everybody because they are the perfect sandal and I absolutely love them as you can see and I would to know how you guys would wear them and style them up ! 





Birk + skirts

Birk + jeans

Birk + trousers

 As always let me know what you guys think and if you have tried any of these looks! Thank you for your time and I will see you soon folks!

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