Hi guys! How are you doing today ? I hope you are doing great ! Today I want to share with you how I do my base during the hot hot summer months and what I love so much about it ! Its is a very simple process and nothing groundbreaking but I still hope to inspire some of you !

Here we go!

The key world here is : LIGHTNESS

I hate ,absolutely hate to feel like I have something on my face and in the summer months this hate is brought to the max of its potential . I absolutely hate to feel like I have something on my skin and when you are sweating like a mofo ,it is no exception . The first thing I would have done a few years ago would be to go and grab the most long lasting and matte foundation I could have find and hope for the best. But since I change my routine I prefer to keep the skin free and letting it breath easily .

The search for the perfect light and easy to use base product is something I am very passionate about and although the majority of the time I just use my day cream and nothing more I found two absolutely gem in my beloved Tata Harper serum diamond https://www.tataharperskincare.com/illuminating-moisturizer-50ml and my Byterry cc serum https://www.byterry.com/makeup/face/primer/cellularose-brightening-cc-serum/#no-3-apricot-glow . The fact they are both called as serum suggest the feeling you get by using them and the final effect because they are not illuminating in the cosmetic way by adding a lots of sparkle and pearls particles by they are more on the skincare side of the gloominess where you get a more supple and “wet” look by a lots of good ingredients and hyaluronic molecules . That’s what makes them so natural in the final result and the effect is very light and skin like. Since here in Italy the summer are atroucsly hot and humid I much prefer letting my skin and the pores of my skin be free and breathe easily instead of blocking them with product and make my skin sweat a lot more. 




The base I choose in this case was my beloved Tata Harper serum diamond ,one of the best hydrating base in my opinion . It give my skin hydration. and luminosity in the most flawless way and without making your skin become like a giant sun . It takes the natural glowing sweat our skin provides during this time of the year and not adding any excessive glowing effect or filter . It is the fucking best. I am in the searching for good dupe in the drugstore section so if you know something similar let me know guys ! 


This product not only  doesn’t disturb our sparkle but it also absorbs super quickly so that it doesn’t remain sticky and really uncomfortable . I always start my base with this magic cream and then I am loving using my sunshine drop by the Drunk elephant as a light layer of bronzer and I love this product used like this because it sets and dries super quickly and doesn’t move during the day . I use a tiny drop and blending it with my concealer brush and I love how natural it looks.  

When I first bought this product I was a little bit disappointed because I couldn’t figure out how to use it :it didn’t work on its own ,it didn’t blend well on my skin and I could only use it mixed in with other base product . 

The other day I was getting ready ,as usual , in a rush and I was ,as usual ,sweaty and I couldn’t figure out how to apply my powder bronzer without it completely turn into a disgusting paste of brown on my face . At the same time I could blend in it my stick bronzer because of the way they are formulated in the stick form . So I decided to try using this Sunshine drops because of the gel like texture and the lightness of its nature it turns out it was the best idea . It is basically the perfect hybrid between the two product with the blend ability of the cream and the lightness of the powder. I was very surprised on how I love the effect and never stop using it from that day . It is also very important for me to discover always new way of using a particular product without letting it go wrong and we should always have product that works togheter with one another I think ,like our closet I guess.


For the very day base I I am usually done but when I want to hump the look a little bit I usually use my beloved Charlotte tilbury magic flawless cream as an highlighter instead of putting it all over my face as I usually do in the colder months and putting it only on the high points of my cheekbones . I also am loving making my bronzer stand up a little bit more by applying a thin layer of my favorite summer bronzer which is by Kevin acuin and the more terra-cotta shade emphasize the thin layer of cream bronzer without disturbing it . I love the over all effect ,for the freshness and the lightness of it. https://kevynaucoinbeauty.com/products/the-neo-bronzer-1?variant=19738424016983

I love makeup looks like this because every element blend naturally and easily in each other giving the skin an over all flawless and easy , glowing and sweat ready look. I usually love using my hand applying this product but I am particularly loving using this Wonderfull concealer brush by zoeva . I love it because is the perfect dimension and it blend like a dream. Ask am getting older I prefer letting my skin breath and do its things rather than forcing it to do what I would like it to do. Especially during this time of the year is so easy to feel uncomfortable if something goes wrong and I feel so free and I love how liberating it is to just let it be.

I am going to do an igtv with this look so you guys can see this product in action but that’s it for today. I hope to have inspired some of you and let me know what you think and I will see you soon folks! https://www.instagram.com/tv/CCYEB6nBasi/?igshid=qlh6xev0kkfu



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